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Mubarakan (2017)

Release Date: 28-07-2017
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Mubarakan (2017)

Deepali Chugh

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Well, before I begin with how I laughed myself sick watching Mubarakn and review it any further, let me tell you all, I have watched it TWICE! When you see the entire audience in the theatre bubbling with joy barely controlling their laughter, you can be sure of one thing, this movie has literally titillated the funny bones.
From Welcome to No Entry, when it is an Anees Bazmee film, it is an indisputable fact that you be laughing out loud through and through the movie.

Mubarakan begins with an accident scene where the parents of the twins, Karan and Charan die and are laid into the laps of their uncle Kartar Singh (Anil Kapoor) who in turn passes them onto his sister (Ratna Pathak Shah) and brother respectively (Pavan Malhotra).

Ain’t confusing? Well, this is just the beginning! From Charan being the soft spoken, well- mannered, submissive, obedient child of theirs and loving a Muslim girl Nafisa to Karan being the feisty fun-spirited full-of-live kind of a guy who falls for a perfect match of his with the same vivacity Sweety (Ileana D’cruz), the story twines and intertwines into scenes that might get you choking with laughter. While Baljeet is an arch rival to the Muslims to a point that he doesn’t allow mughlai food into his restaurant, how could he accept a Muslim daughter-in-law? As conservative as he is, his sister Jeeto is equally liberal and a misunderstanding between the two creates the sibling rivalry.

Well, if acting is the topic of discussion, with such an ensemble cast and unmatched inimitable performances, it wouldn’t require me to convince how charismatic each and every actor had been in their respective characters.  Personally I had loved the character Kartar Singh, primarily the trouble maker, who had quite honestly, gotten us laughing our heads off.

The movie touches upon relationships, their vulnerability, misunderstandings that happen in almost every other relationship, yet those who maintain it are the fortunate ones.

The female protagonists of the film have gathered quite an attention of the audience. Yet I would say the role Twinkle played by Athiya Shetty is way too short and appears sporadically while the remaining ones cover the screen for a fairly longer duration, which I believe should have been taken care of since the role isn’t as insignificant. Although whatever was projected by Athiya Shetty was applause worthy and quite appreciable.

Getting to the technicalilties, the editing shows how skillfully and tactfully it is done. The screenplay and cinematography are laudable and Anees Bazmee has been exemplary yet again.

So, if you want to enjoy your 2 hours 36 minutes, while giggling till your teeth fall out and laughing until you ache cracking up most often, this is worth the watch!