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Espionage of today, with the backdrop of a group of military officers operating under the covert operations of the government led by the dutiful, intelligent and the so called ‘Aiyaar’, Colonel Abhay Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) with his protégés , one of who, become a rogue- Major Jai Bakshi (Sidharth Malhotra). Disappointed, discouraged and disenchanted by the very government and people leading the army he had sworn under to serve for the rest of his life, he decides to rather shed his uniform than back the people who intend to bring the country’s graph head southwards with the corruption that the leaders of our nation bleed in.    
Aiyaary revolves around the ultimate chase of the brightest disciple and the astute, sharp-witted and sagacious leader, the adherent of who, Jai follows the footsteps and brings the entire army to a frenzy for the fear of information and people involved at risk and disruption of the very government whose conducts had been the reason for the sprouting of the entire conundrum.
The movie has the thrill of espionage, but the pace at which it steads is a tad bit sluggish as a result of which it seems slightly insipid. Despite the lack of stimulation and edge of the seat sentiment that it ideally is expected to have, it seems a worthy watch and after the entire 2 hours 40 minutes of long and engaging film, you feel as satiated as a tasteful delight.
The screenplay of the film has been commendable, but the fact that it gets complex and little convoluted, it might leave you disillusioned.

A typical Neeraj Pandey film has the typical elements of thrill, excitement, enthusiasm and intoxication. It has the three but lacks a little on the fourth. The director has engulfed the story appositely with intricately encompassing aspects of cloak and dagger activities with suspense and intrigue at the appropriate extent.

The Aiyaar of the film, Manoj Bajpayee has strongly and very firmly backboned the movie with not only his acting skills but his outshining intelligentsia. His acting has been out and out impressive and spectacularly splendid. There is one scene in the film wherein he disguises for a poor in order to extract and find an intruder. The manoeuvre and the way he has managed to perform this scene has been beyond marvelous.

The protagonist of the film, Sidharth Malhotra has another feather in his cap with Aiyaary. He has showcased a calm, composed yet brilliantly witty and perspicacious officer who for the correct or incorrect reasons does what he does while he, in his mind has not an iota of regret for he couldn’t see his nation dropping in the hands of corruption and guile. His performance has only scaled northwards since his first film and yet again has lived up to every possible expectation people had had on this stupendous actor.

The actors, whose metal has rather been unused and underutilized have been Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah for they have barely been seen in short sequences of the movie. While Naseeruddin Shah has a twist to put forth for himself in the film, Anupam Kher has rather had a side character, who otherwise could have been a huge potential and asset in this film.

The movie, in totality, has been a worthwhile watch with the entire chase and run sequences engrossing enough to get 3.5 stars!    


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