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Baadshaho (2017)

Release Date: 01-09-2017
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Baadshaho (2017)




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With the larger than life trailer, exotic entries and witty spirited one-liners, it had managed to captivate quite a lot of audience, but let me tell you, after watching the movie, my expectations have literally gone downhill!

It is a film of the apparent badass gangsters who are on this nearly impossible mission of stealing ancestral gold of Queen Gitanjali, which is being ceased by her rival under the disguise of the government during the emergency of 1975. While her father dies, she is left all desolate and bereft and seeks a shoulder to cry on, a person who she can call her ‘own’ and whose presence is enough to make her feel secured amidst the duties and boundations she is surrounded by all of a sudden. She finds this warmth and safety in her private security incharge Bhawani Singh, who is at her beck and call for he is a man of his words and duty. Just as Gitanjali’s father did, she blindfoldedly believes in Bhawani for he was considerably the only trustworthy and faithful man amongst the fleet of bodyguards and workers. With such proximity and undoubted faith, there comes an obvious angle of a love story between Bhawani and Gitanjali.

So the plot of the story is basically of the heist of the gold that the army man Seher (Vidyut Jamwal) takes via road to Delhi and the mission of Bhawani, Dalia, Sanjana and Tikla to get it back to their queen.

The story is out and out hypothetical, guessing and assumption based, while they make it seem as easy as a pie and a cakewalk to steal it from the army. The scenes are discontinuous and erratic and required a rather better cut out and skillful projection, which tells exactly how unskillfully the editing has been done. The continuity between the scenes are missing, the editing was poor and the actions scenes, which probably could’ve been the highlight of the film were immaturely done, thereby showing as if the film is made by a bunch of technical novices. Considering the trailer, it seemed absolutely intriguing, riveting and supremely gripping, but unfortunately, there wasn’t a single point in the movie, which got me to sit at the edge of my seat in anxiety or out of curiosity to get up and say ‘What next?!’

I’ve watched tonnes of movies which are thematically based on heist, but this one amused me for the way the script was written, scenes were projected and the plot of the heist, which is the intriguing point of the story, is completely missing.

While I may bash about it, I wouldn’t keep away from mentioning that before the interval, there does come a point when you become all ears for a twist comes in which suddenly grabs you attention and at that very moment did I feel that the movie wasn’t as bad. But I believe, the latter half of the film was enough to prove me wrong for it slacked majorly.

The thing that the director managed to do right was the casting of the film which was genuinely an attractive point in the movie. The rugged looks with droopy enigmatic eyes of Ajay Devgn, the naughtily interesting character of Dalia played by Emraan Hashmi, the sophisticated Sanjana and the insanely humorous Sanjay Mishra with the majestic Queen Ileana and antagonizing Vidyut Jamwal’s Seher, they were apt for their roles.

The songs Rashqe Qamar and Piya More have already been playing in the song lists of the people and so, it doesn’t require me to say that they are pretty good!

The direction, on the other hand, quite unexpectedly, wasn’t as great as we had posed it on the pedestal for it lacked at not one, but a lot of spots.

I would give this movie 2 out of 5 stars!


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