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Badhaai Ho

Release Date: 19-10-2018
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Badhaai Ho






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Cleverly formulating a satirical plot in the face of the society to a full-blown comedy, the director Amit Sharma tickles the funny bones and graduates it to a complete entertainer!

STORY AND REVIEW: Pretty evident from the trailer as one guesses it correct, the plot derives its entire comedy through an unplanned pregnancy of a 50 something years old couple while their grown-up progenies find it difficult to maintain an eye contact with the society, stuttering to disclose this tough-to-keep-hidden secret!

It is an outlook at the conservative mindsets of our society, clenching not only an average man but also the so-called high society while showing their disbelief and mockery at it.

Initial half of the movie will get you giggling at almost every other scene when not only are the children embarrassed, but the grandmother showers them with taunts and demands to know when they had the time to reap that fruit.

Let alone the society, one’s own relatives make it a daunting task to survive with the baby bump.

ACTING: As far as the acting is concerned, Ayushmann Khurrana has ruled the cineplexes with back to back movies within the same month and if I am to talk about his performance, there exists a dramatic and a drastic change improving manifolds. Not only are the roles he has chosen worth the eulogy, his graph is evidently pointing northwards.

Sanya Malhotra’s third movie in a row, yet again, deserves the appreciation for her performance and while she doesn’t have the conventional look of a typical Bollywood actress, carving out her niche is only working in her way.

From Nina Gupta playing the role of the mother to Surekha Sikri, every scene of whose would get you rolling on the floor laughing, they have done a terrific job!

DIRECTION: Amit Ravindernath Sharma, post Tevar in 2015, has made his mark as a director with this one and has gotten the footfall of the audience to the theatres as we had been waiting for its release. Every aspect of the film is well taken care of and as a director, he has done an amazing job.

FINAL VERDICT: Honestly, I didn’t have sky high expectations with the film, but the movie proves to be bang opposite. You’ll see yourself giggling with also, an angle of disbelief at the customs of the society who ridicule at every given moment. I would give this flick 3.5 out of 5 stars.    


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