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Change is the only overused adage, yet the most unerring of all. Riding primarily on this premise is this movie Befikre, showcasing the changing arena while shunning the shy and coy attitude of the yesteryears to the current uninhibited and liberated approach, catering to the current generation, which fears no body and has a mind of its own.

A typical love story with a clichéd background, having two atypical characteristics, yet falling for each other, with a promise of not marrying and having a time of their life while together, is this story, wherein the protagonists banally unite, break up and then eventually, end up reuniting again.

Befikre, as the title suggests floats on the premise of imbibing the carefree attitude, with the least fear of the worst and living life on one’s own terms. As attractive as the theme seems to be, the projection, characters and story is equivalently, if not more, dull and insipid. Shifting to Paris and falling for the Paris born Shyra, is this character Dharam, who is absolutely non-serious and works as a stand up comic, quite contrary to the fun, yet disciplined Shyra.

While you might find it catchy and pleasurably amusing up till the beguiling moments they are witnessed having fun together, not more than seconds later will you have welled up tears in your eyes out of sheer boredom and ennui. The film not merely lacks the zeal, energy and vigour, but also the substance to call it a one-time watch.  It revolves around these two characters, the conventionality and triteness of which causes the audience to yawn time and again. While the initial antics of the two might entertain you to an extent in the initial bit, the later scenes are as vapid. By the time you reach at the end of the movie, it has only caused exhaustion and an utter lack of interest.

While the acting of the leading actors with the supporting ones is worth the eulogy, the scenic beauty of the spellbinding locations is enchantingly projected. There are moments of minimal entertainment when they strike a contrast between marriages in India contrary to the one in Paris, getting you negligible respite in the 2 hour 30 minute long drama.

Crushing the confidence the audience had built in this fresh charming duo and an apparent new script, I wouldn’t give it more than 2 out of 5 stars.


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