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What a Trailer! If there was any recent flick I was out and out thrilled and jumping with excitement to watch, it was this. But also, if there was any recent movie I had more slumber needs than any, there could have been none more than this when you would have literally been waiting for something intriguing (‘Intriguing’ being the operative word here) and all you got was a series of uneventful, unstimulating and mundane sequences, when it lacked the basic question that would crop up in your mind every time you watch a thriller and that is ‘WHAT NEXT?’

The premise of this film revolves around infidelity and revenge, wherein one husband catches his wife in bed with another man and in dire needs of money, resorts to blackmailing. You would encounter not one, not two but numerable blackmails and at the end of the day, it is boils down to a vicious circle of blackmails everybody is caught in and have no way out!

 Well, if you ask me to review about it, I literally have a zillion questions in mind while the story left so many sequences undone, when it was left on audience to understand and predict what might have happened and leaves us with our disappointment and dejection rising manifolds.

I wondered at the end of it all if this movie was crafted by amateurs for a fact that after a certain point of time, it was nothing but mindlessness leading the film.
Climax, that dashed the hopes of any improvement in the story, discouraged our belief in the film of it getting any better.

I was watching this film all for the sake of it while I had the least interest and had it been me, there were enough reasons that got me convinced to probably not watch it further. I’m not here to set a comparison, yet there have been thrillers in the history of our Hindi films that got me sitting at the edge of the seat, and this flick definitely didn’t.

You would see Omi Vaidya (popularly known for his character Chatur Ramalingam from 3 Idiots) as an addition which more or less had redundant part in it, which was intended to arise humour yet fell flat.
Well, this might take some a little difficult to gulp down, but I wasn’t as impressively charmed by Irfan Khan’s performance too. His eyes do the talking but the face more or less remained the same even when he witnessed his wife cheating. I would definitely vouch for the fact that he is an actor par excellence, yet his performance didn’t quite sweep me off my feet.

In the first half, you might have fractions of interest -in the film, but the later half mars it all.

It gives me a heavy heart to say but I would have to give it 2 out of 5 stars.

NOTE: There may be people who wouldn't agree to this, but if you have been reading my reviews, I have honestly reviewed this too.


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