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Commando 2

Release Date: 03-03-2017
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View: 2022

Commando 2

Deepali Chugh

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The fact that the film titles and christines itself as Commando 2 starring Vidyut Jamwal doesn't require another validation to highlight that it would certainly account for a complete action packed high end thriller, with a hopeful edge of the seat climax alongside flying-in-the-air stunts. After force, it is more often than not expected to have Vidyut Jamwal in subsequent movies, characterizing storylines and screenplays better than seen before. With expectations and presumptions soaring higher, it rather seemed anticlimactic and highly deficient.

It begins with highlighting the issue that primarily concerns the nation, has distressed the masses since ages for it has rotted generations while looting and depriving them off their money illegitimately through the so called ‘black money’. It revolves around this one individual named Vicky Chadha, whose web trapping the money of the politicians and other bureaucrats causes the government to demand his return to India. Alongside the numerous twists amidst the supposed master plan comes the starcast of the movie comprising of Vidyut Jammval, Adah Sharma, Esha Gupta, Freddy daruwala, Shefali Sharma and Adil Hussain. Portraying the role of the protagonist is Vidyut Jammval, with his muscle packed stature, innocent looks and a rock solid presence. He is Commando Karanvir Singh Dogra, who alongside his motley team goes for the aforementioned mission, but Commando Karanvir aims to get these before the dishonest and manipulative politicians are handed the nefarious Vicky Chadha.

Despite the relentless efforts of Director Deven Bhojani to carve out an enigmatic plot, it evolves as a rather fathomable and anticipated theme. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I sum the movie up as a 2 hour 38 minutes of a stale baseless story with monotonous insipid chasing sequences and the least intriguing unriveting globetrotting cinematic presentation, with barely any points and moments of respite behind the height of ennui it serves to its audience. Amidst the team of the supposed genius heads is this encounter specialist police officer Bhavana Reddy, who at this mission, is dressed to nines for some strange reason and doesn’t put her heads together with the other teammates during their course as a probable result of sheer dumbness or sudden intellectual declivity. It may produce a moment or two of slight giggle or smiles, yet it boiled down to nothing less than substandard. With issues such as demonetization and farmer suicides, it has tried to trade it off as a rather pertinent one amongst the other commercial movies, yet hasn’t been able to flag it off as worth the watch.

The facts that the protagonist’s heavy built muscles and his supposed action scenes, which can barely count for one aren’t enough to sell the movie. In a movie that expects the audience to be thrilled and captivated while being glued to their seats at every twist of the film, this definitely doesn’t come across as one. It is least enthralling or compelling for that matter and the director hasn’t been able to live up to the title of the film.
In all, I would give it 2 out of 5 stars.