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Deepali Chugh

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NOTE: Please bear with the length of the review for I couldn't find words any less than these to express what a delightfully splendid watch this movie has been!

Rising from the emotions of patriotism and nationalism while gearing up for a full-fledged journey of a father, a former national level wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat is his story whose circumstantial inability causes him to lose his opportunity to go at the international level, and bearing this dream for the years ahead, he aims to make his son a wrestler, so that he could fulfill his age old dream of winning a gold medal for the country.

The obsessive pursuit of getting a son, fortunately or unfortunately, lands him with the birth of four daughters and no son. Sooner or later, does he realize the strength of his daughters, getting him to train them to become the future sportspersons representing and winning for their country.

This is a journey of a sportsperson, imbibing and rooting deep within, the qualities of a sportsperson and seeing them unfurl the flag of their country with head held high and pride in the eyes of each Indian.
The movie’s spotlight falls at the first daughter of Mahavir, Geeta Phogat who falls, yet soars higher. It is the story of a father, whose aim is to see his daughter reach the zenith of success, unlike the others who rather care the least to give their daughters the status of being one.

The director Nitesh Tiwari has beautifully and diligently crafted out and projected the story, stimulating the latent sentiments of the audience and sympathizing with the agony of the father.

ACTING: From Aamir Khan to Sakshi Tanwar, from Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra to Zaira Wasim and Suhani Bhatnagar, each member of the star cast is worth the eulogy with their impeccable and splendid performances. There have been instances when this stunning actor, whose name mirrors perfectionism, whose every twitch of the eye at every expression leaves you in awe of him, Aamir Khan who has left no stone unturned in moulding this film into the best possible shape and presenting it to the audience in a spectacular manner. If you see him through the course of his transformation, you’d know what he has put in behind the movie, the blood and sweat he had toiled for the movie to seem as realistic as possible. Here’s a special mention to the talented Zaira Wasim, who has come out as a surprise to everyone with her variety of expressions and natural acting. Similarly, my special mention would also go to Sanya Malhotra. Despite the fact that she had a smaller role in comparison to Fatima and others, her presence on the screen has been rock solid.

MUSIC: The music album is extremely motivational and inspiring and gets you to listen every time it is played. The title track of Dangal is so stimulating and provoking that it triggers that emotion of patriotism within, a feeling of reverence for the country and stark motivation in oneself. ‘Dhakkad’ is another such classic song in the album that is worth the mention.

STORY: As mentioned above, this is a story about the journey of a national level wrestler who lost the opportunity to get gold for his country, and bearing this burning desire deep within, he wished to get a son. But fate had something else planned for him, blessing him with four daughters. Sooner or later does he realize the strength of his first two daughters Geeta and Babita, bringing out the wrestler in them and showcasing the world that his daughters were nowhere less than any male, thereby marking golden words in the names of the two in the history of India.

SCREENPLAY: There have been movies based on real life characters, sportspersons, encompassing their journey. But with Dangal, the fact that the script, their dialogues and the essence of each character is so beautifully carved while each has his own presence in the film is what makes it special. The projection of each scene adds to the story. While Mahavir is shown to be martinetish and a disciplinarian in the lives of his daughters, a scene in the film shows him sitting at night beside them while they are fast asleep, caressing their feet for he does not want them to see the paternal side of his. So scenes as such add to the beauty.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: The camera work and photography in the film show that it has been in the hands of a skillful team. From the shots of the wrestling sequences to the ones showing the training and the family scenes, all have been taken aptly.   

DIRECTION: From extracting the best out of the actors to successfully supervising the minutest detail of the film, director Nitesh Tiwari couldn’t have done it better. He has been a tremendous director throughout and if you watch the making of the film, you’d know how dexterous and tactful he has been at his job. He has made sure the fights, the wrestling looks utmost realistic and made sure there is no escapism in the way it looks on screen. The actors have spent almost 7-8 months in their training and the way he has made sure the actors are at their best is what a good director accounts.

EDITING: Now coming to the domain of editing, it wouldn’t require me to speak much for a fact that the appreciation by the audience would speak volumes about the editing done by Ballu Saluja.

ACTION: The movie revolves around the sport of wrestling, which is bound to compose of a multitude of wrestling sequences. The actors had to undergo 7-8 months of rigorous training under the guidance of Kripa Shankar Bishnoi to adopt the manoeuvre of a wrestler and learn the stances of the same. There wasn’t a moment when the audience could fathom the actors to be fresh bloods at the sport. Every sequence affirmed the amount of hard work put in behind the action sequences and deserves a huge appreciation.  

The technical team, the production house, and the entire collaboration of the crew behind the movie have done a phenomenal job. Although the movie has been pretty predictable, yet it is worth the watch!

I wouldn’t blink a second and would most certainly give it 4 out of 5 stars.


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