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With a refreshing entry of the newbies Ishaan Khattar and Janhvi Kapoor into the Hindi film Industry comes Dhadak whose heart and soul hails from Nagraj Manjule’s film Sairat while its premise engulfs the essence and plot, yet differs on account of the backdrop and linguistics.

Ever since the moment I watched its trailer, the only thing I could roll over my thoughts about this film was the extent of predictability the story would have. A typical film with a typical plot of a boy head over heels for a girl, girl falling for the guy, the society and the father against the relationship and the archetypal sequences of run and chase. And well, let me tell you, your prediction comes true with this flick where there isn't an iota of difference to what you would have fathomed.

But, here's the thing! You would know the story, you would know how it will roll out to be, BUT while watching it, at least for the first half, you will be amused! Call it the direction, the script or the screenplay, you will find yourselves giggling and entertained uptil the interval.

Post interval, there are moments when slight boredom might strike in, when you'll witness some monotony in the story and there wouldn't, for quite a bit, be anything that kicks the story ahead. It seems as an episodic portion until the movie is heading to its climax and only when you feel that the moment you have been waiting for has ultimately come in, the moment when you'll have the turning point, when the climax will take us aback, you would have your jaws dropping for you won't believe, but the movie ends!

While I was all prepared to know what the story post climax would be, it seemed as if the creators were too eager to cut the story short almost such that the end was left incomplete. It was so abrupt so much so that I wasn't as shocked to see the climax as much as I was to see that that was the end of the movie. I couldn't believe it when I saw the lights switching on for I had that flickering ray of hope that it just might not be the end of the story. This is literally the end you would watch while watching a documentary film.

I agree the story is predictable and I completely agree the end of the story is beyond unacceptable, yet for the entertainment quotient in the first half besides the performance of the actors throughout, I would not keep away from recommending it as a one time watch.

The movie, by the end of it, boils down to a documentary film while the expected cinematic experience for the audience flies to a faraway land. It lays its plot on the existential horrendous and harrowing deeds of the society when the unacceptability of certain relations solely on the basis of mindless, dull-witted, scatterbrained and foolish mindsets and perceptions along with nonsensical norms result in honour killing.

The movie enlightens the audience in ways.

Now, if I talk about the actors, I was not only impressed, but completely swept off my feet with the fantabulously splendid performances. Looking at the trailer, I had soaring high expectations from Ishaan Khattar, and now that I've watched it, not only has he been able to live up to them, if I can say this, he has definitely made a mark in the industry. Janhvi Kapoor, has impactfully imprinted the audience with the emotional sequences of hers. They will, not only win your hearts over, but also, god wishingly, the debutantes' award.

The movie isn't half as bad as you would expect it to be and so, you can definitely give it a watch. It does not fall as a heavy film on the shoulders and minds of the audience while you might not even realise how those hours of watching the film pass by.

I would give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.



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