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Dil Juunglee






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From what I gathered from the trailer, I didn’t really have my expectations soaring as far as Dil Junglee was concerned. On the contrary, I was quite surprised as to why and how Saqib Saleem and Taapsee Pannu would have themselves caste in a film, which more or less seemed vain and devoid of a solid plot.

As much as I was satisfied and happy to be proven wrong, I believe the members of the audience would certainly second me on the fact that the movie was pretty decent and fairly entertaining, much contrary to what I had fathomed of it.

Dil Junglee follows a romantic track of two protagonists Sumit (Saqib) and Koroli (Taapsee), not the typical hero-heroines of their lives. While the girl was the neglected one being considered a disappointment to the family, the boy was obsessively passionate and dotting upon the profession of acting.

Well, how could you have their romance blossom without some hindrances in their way while fate plays its role and have them meet after 7 years of separation?

Ain’t a novel story, right?

The story was not only predictable, but also witnessed a dearth of lasting impressionable dialogues. While the script writing called for improvement, there also existed the dire need for a good camera work.

While I recently watched a flick by the name of Veere Ki Wedding (not Veere Di Wedding, if you’re mistaken as it’s a different flick), I was more than disappointed, dejected and displeased with the camera work and finally looking at Dil Junglee, it really didn’t come as a surprise to me.

From Editing to Continuity, as far as technicalities are concerned, there most certainly were glitches which should have been countered, yet if I were to rate it for the story and entertainment quotient, I guess it’s pretty much the saving grace of the film which could have you stick to the screen through the film.

From Mujhse Fraandship Karoge to Dil Junglee, I have followed the path of Saqib Saleem and herein, I could see that the acing wasn’t as magnificently imposing as I would expect of him. Having said that, Taapsee Pannu had been quite refreshing in the role and in the latter half, looked stunningly gorgeous. So, 5 points to her stylist and costume designers.

Dil Junglee, as an entirety, has been pretty worthy and serves a pleasing watch. It is quite short with the 2 hours 4 minutes duration. While you would have pretty much guessed the climax and the ending, you would still be welcoming enough and fairly satisfied with the movie at the end of it all.
I would give it 2.5 out of 5 stars!


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