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What can be a better topic than cricket to make a movie on and what a novel idea of scripting the kidnapping of a top batsman, but everything goes on a toss when there is too much drama and less essence as the story lacks the intrigue and the whole plot lacks the grandiosity which should be orchestrated in an abduction sequence? The film is swaddled as a fast-paced escapade. It’s got flash but the plot flounders and banishes the film from being a real boomer.

The movie Dishoom as the name suggests is an action packed thriller starting with a cricket match in the Middle East where one of our ace batsman Viraj (Saqib) is shown scoring crucial runs to make India win.

Gunning for the finals are our two teams who are the arch rivals and two great teams of the Indian subcontinent i.e. India and Pakistan. But wait, what happens when barely 36 hours before the ultimate match, the scenario crashes into mayhem when the star Indian batsman is abducted and the fate of the match and the lead cricketer remains in the hands of a masked abductor? Moments after that, India's external affairs minister receives a video with a Pakistani kidnapper who calls himself a fan, threatening to kill Viraj (Saqib Saleem).

It is an action-packed thriller riding essentially on the shoulders of the two protagonists viz., John Abraham and Varun Dhawan who become chums as the story progresses. Varun Dhawan plays a bumbling police department fuccha running errands for his opinionated boss and dying to seek freedom for a greater glory and John Abraham [Kabir] a no-nonsense, tough badass chain smoking secret service agent seeking perfection, sent to Middle East by the Minister of External affairs in order to rescue the abducted cricketer while hunting down the mysterious abductor.

While on mission Kabir [John Abraham ] and Junaid [Varun Dhawan ] find Ishika (Jacqueline), a renegade kleptomaniac, who falls for Kabir and tries to help him with his mission to find the abductor. The role of the antagonist is magnificently played by Akshaye Khanna aka Wagah who runs a betting racket with the help of our rock-faced Rahul Dev, playing Altaf from 'Abudhin' a place selling arms and ammunition to terrorists. They planned the kidnapping to ensure Pakistan wins and it helps them make some big dough out of the one game to overturn their misfortunes.

Akshaye Khanna is always a treat to watch for his acting skills and consistency to perform to the character. It’s always wonderful to see his Mr. Cool attitude and masterly done performance even when playing a precariously written villain role as his in Dishoom. It is sad to say that the actor was not fully exploited to portray the role of an international bookie nor his egocentricity was fully demonstrated as his character wound up into a not so prodigious,but a pretentious conclusion.

Screenplay, cinematography and music of Dishoom are really good wherein the editor has nicely joined the action sequences but the story lacks in almost every department. It is a well directed movie wherein both our protagonists Kabir and Junaid complement each other but a big let-down is the plot as it is not so intriguing and has straight line action sequences with hardly any guessing to do. The story is too shallow for this action packed movie as it lacked the conspiracy angle and an intriguing ploy of a kidnapping action thriller. The biggest lacuna I see in this movie is it lacked the intense drama and nail biting mystery of what next and how the plot would unfold in an action thriller. Dishoom doesn't fulfil the promise of an enthralling kidnapping squeaker but has its own significant and bizarre moments which may or may not be entertaining to many viewers.

The film is a new-age masala movie, full of kicks and thrills, choppers, fights and cheesy-dialogues but this novel idea would have been more captivating had the story been more entrancing, gripping and mysterious.

Nargis Fakhri sizzling in a bikini and Akshay Kumar in a cameo role are pleasant entries to the canvas but with such small roles they were inconsequential and were part of the film only to give it a bigger star cast whereas they have only a undistinguished peripheral role.

It is more of a fantasy film full of action sequences rather than being a bewitching action movie which can make you go on a wild guessing game and bring you to the edge of the seat.

To summarize, Dishoom is surely an entertainer and may deliver for much or most of the audience for its action packed sequences and one liners. If you're are not so fixated with nail bitting drama,enigma of a kidnapping thriller and plotting, Dishoom may actually be a 2 hours 4 minutes gratifying but grappling roller coaster ride.


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