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The first impression a layman might get with the synopsis of ‘Do Lafzon Ki Kahaani’ would rather be that a stale clichéd story of a man falling for a visually impaired girl and further, fighting for it.

But contrary to popular beliefs, ‘Do Lafzon Ki kaahani’ turns out to be a well-written, formulated and portrayed movie with a story that indeed is predictable, yet one doesn’t feel the pangs of slumber. The movie puts forth an MMA fighter who, as a result of a horrendous experience in the past, is still haunted by it in his dreams. But, his life finds bliss and contentment as Jenny enters and extricates him from his state of dormancy and gets him back to the ring he had always belonged to with a feather in his cap every time he went for a fight. The plot takes a turn with the revelation of a past which drives the second half of the story. Deepak Tijori has done a decent job at the film, but could still augment the level of the plot with certain nuances, to distinguish it from the ordinary. ‘Do Lafzon Ki Kahaani’ is definitely a one-time watch, with good actors and a well projected screenplay.


When you have actors with skill and expertise as that of Randeep Hooda, you can be sure of one thing, it’ll be a rather tough task to find lacunas and loopholes in the strata of acting. While the make-up artists could do a better job with his looks, his performance, as usual, made sure that the lacunas are not to be heeded upon. The star cast was good, with underplayed Mamik Singh seen after ages since he shot for Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander. Kajal Aggarwal did a pretty good job with her portrayal of an opinionated visually impaired girl.


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