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Release Date: 03-08-2018
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Fanney Khan






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Prashant (Anil Kapoor), popularly christened as Fanney, is a man of talent, known for his singing and mesmerising charm with a sense of delightful melody yet misfortune that leaves him as a mere Fanney of his own locality rather than a household name. The dreams, rather unfulfilled are passed onto his daughter whose voice, that might be melancholy, but the personality or shear weight that weighs more than her own voice bogs her down in front of people every time she attempts to sing in public or competitions.

The indigent background, where people barely earn two square meals a day, practically do not have the right to dream, for the only time they can fulfil it is when they are done earning for their family, and leading major parts of their lives the same way rather than achieving what they have dreamt of. The means for Fanney to have his daughter on the posters as Baby Singh (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), to be a star of that stature seemed nearly impossible, when lo and behold, the opportunity came walking towards him and had him abduct Baby Singh.

Fanney Khan is the story whose premise revolves around the father-daughter duo, where the father strives and fights tooth and nail to save every penny for his daughter while the daughter seems frustrated from the deprivation where the parents can not fulfil her demands. Both see the same dream, yet the circumstances leave them with clenched fists.

The humorous and interesting part of the movie strikes every time Aishwarya Rai‚Äôs character comes into foreplay, when Rajkummar Rao and Fanney Khan‚Äôs lack of knowledge in abduction leaves with dialogues like ‚Äėjo aapko theek lage‚Äô on demanding ransom and acknowledging the face detection on her phone which they have come across for the first time.

The emotional outburst  come only at the end moments of the film while your heart might cry for the efforts that the father has put into making his daughter a star. While a daughter might now begin to acknowledge her father’s hard work into her upliftment, it is the relatability quotient that might make you cry. And honestly, if I am to talk about my experience, I could see myself as the girl and my father striving the same way to pave a path for my success. So, three cheers for MINE and every father who lives to dream and see his child reach the zenith to success.

The story, though completely fictious and impractical, leaves you with slight ennui amidst it. You might feel as if it isn’t as great as you were expecting it to be. It is not a comic flick if that is what you expect post watching the trailer and my review on it would revolve around the phases interesting-boredom-emotional.

I will rate it as a 2.5 out of 5 starrer film with a great cast yet an average sequence of story.


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If not the story, I can assure you one thing and it is the fact that you will be swept off your feet at the performance of Anil Kapoor. You might have your heart cry every time you see him cry for his daughter and after decades of being in the Hindi Film industry, Anil Kapoor has yet again had his audience enchanted.

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