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Release Date: 26-08-2016
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Flying Jatt




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There ain't words that explicitly describe the extent of ennui the audience has to suffer watching this humdrum, banal and a ho-hum superhero drama Flying Jatt, boldly initializing the fact that everything has an alternate, and so does this movie for people to spare themselves of this 2 hour 30 minute boredom.

Drawing it premise from a cliched Hollywood superhero flick of a human-turned-superhero, bestowed with powers to battle the evils and safeguard the world, other than the evident fact that in case of this movie, the audience would need a saving from this superhero itself.

A superhero, bubbling with insecurities and phobias, Aman (Tiger Shroff) is the outrageously dressed Flying Jatt (name given to him after his father), who secures people from the pollution enriched black blooded villain Raka, who hails from an acidic dumping ground, having malicious intentions, misusing what he’s blessed with. Aman is portrayed as a docile submissive son of an over enthusiastic mother, relinquishing his turban and cutting his hair to spare himself from the Sikh vows which he has the least belief in. This man falls for Kirti (Jacqueline Fernandes), a teacher in the same school he teaches martial arts in. The love story of Aman and Kirti is what drives the major portion of the movie, overtly stretched and redundant.

When the story ultimately decides to switch over from the unromantic love story of Aman and Kirti, in the last section of the movie, the director finally acknowledges the need to bring forth the villain other than his sprouting glimpses when the it drives into an environment friendly movie, giving away the message to keep the surroundings clean and pollution free, until it becomes hilarious more than enthralling to watch the targeted opponents, the hero and the villain fight in the space on another planet. I wouldn’t keep myself from mentioning the fact that there were moments when you giggle for a moment or two, but its frequency in a comic film is minimal.  

The meek hero, with a rather lamblike tone and docile in his stance, Tiger Shroff hasn’t been able to pull off the superhero manoeuvre. Jacqueline’s character is superfluously exuberant and seems more demented than normal. The villain looks more convincing than anyone else, well more than the director.

The movie is a piece of non-sensical, redundant de trop which hasn’t been able to gather the audience and considering the amateur attempt at the special effects and VFX, it ain’t a good watch whatsoever. The caricaturized sets were no less than a child’s portrait of a township scenario than anything else.

The intended potential Krish hasn’t been able to live up to the expectations of the audience, well not even the superhero fanatics, and considering the dearth of a good direction, I wouldn’t give it anything more than 1.5 out 5 stars.


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