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Story: While British had India as one of its entities and win Olympics in its own name (as British India) rather than as a country India, after Independence, there was nobody to drive our country’s sportsmen in taking our country to its glory under the title of Independent India unless Tapan Das (Akshay Kumar) toiled his sweat and blood to take our country’s pride and glory one level up and a golden feather in its hat with winning its Gold in the Olympics Hockey Championship.

Following this premise, Gold comes as a movie based on historic events pre and post-Independence, where after incessant efforts with numerous failures, there comes a moment of ultimate achievement that goes down in the golden words of History.

Review: Post watching the trailer, it isn’t a herculean task to more or less figure out the plot. So, once you are aware of what the film would roll out to be, it leaves a lesser scope for the element of surprise or the fact that there might be something you didn’t expect. So, for one half of the film, you might witness it drag through to get to its second half.

It seems sluggish pre interval when there pretty much exist lesser reasons to quote it as an interesting watch only until it reaches the second half where the excitement levels shoot and the unexpected elements of the film finally begin to roll.

Amidst the film there are unexpected sequences that take you down the history lane when the intolerance and angst of our people had effused in the form of riots.  

The film takes you to a different era altogether in the year 1948, a year post Independence and well, I wouldn’t keep away from eulogising every iota of an effort that has been put into recreating that time. From the sequences of the riots to recreating 1948 Olympics, it takes a great expertise and this causes for me to cheer all those behind the scenes.

So, a great screenplay there!

With as seasoned actors as Akshay Kumar, appreciation falls short of words. His portrayal, diction and emulation of a Bengali strikes the touch of authenticity more than just acting which can only be pulled off with artists as great as him. This flick brings Mouni Roy’s foray into the Hindi Films. While hers was a small role to play, yet whatever portions she came forward with were plausible.

As an entirety, the flick is slow and dull initially, yet it resurrects in the second half while regaining the involvement and engrossment.
Considering all the aspects, departments and an overall, I would give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.


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