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Release Date: 20-10-2017
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Golmaal Again




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4th in the row! Golmaal is back again with yet another story (well, whether it has a rock solid story or not, I will come back later to this!) but a similar cast starring Tabu and Parineeti as the new additions.

While the previous three flicks came with the amalgamation of the same genre but different jokes, this one created a greater furor with the genre of horror comedy!

The story begins with the fact that the major five of the Golmaal gang, Gopal (Ajay Devgn), Madhav (Arshad Warsi), Laxman 1 (Kunal Kemmu), Laxman 2 (Shreyas Talpade) and Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor) are orphans, put together at the Jamnadas Anath Ashram, while they are mostly at loggerheads with each other. While they eventually decide to leave the orphanage, life comes full circle when destiny calls for the need to reunite them for the sake of protecting and safeguarding the orphanage from the clutches of the two antagonists, who in pursuit of taking charge of the plot of the orphanage, were ready to get those orphans to the street. Amidst all this, how the horror component strikes in and what makes it a typical Rohit Shetty comic flick is for you to watch for I wouldn’t want to reveal much story.

Well, the fact that the aforementioned is what the story entirely encompasses is enough to convince that the plotline and theme is too childish and stale and one that you could now expect a mere child to write about. The typical story of the antagonists unabashedly taking away the livelihoods of the needy and the protagonists fighting for the right is too old school now and the fact that it has been used and reused in the movies time and again and is used yet again this time has made it super hackneyed and boring.

Besides it’s disappointing how a movie, which was originally meant to be funny and with all the sequels managed to get people rolling on the floor laughing had pretty stale jokes. With the typical antiques of Johnny Lever and the same finger bending tactics of Gopal (Devgn), it didn’t feel as if it came with a breath of fresh air.

You would find yourself giggling at moments but the fact that it wouldn’t be a whole hearted laughter would leave you with a tinge of disappointment and dejection.

Well, what comes as a surprise to the audience is the fact until the time the interval comes,it more or less seems as if the movie is about to be over for there barely seems anything that could be left to be included post interval, making it even longer as an entirety.

Coming to the aesthetics, while it seemed more like everything was painted bright like sceneries in art book, it was just unreal. With bright blue trains, bright green grass, brightly coloured buildings and bright backgrounds, brightness to such extent was difficult to be true while I would definitely accept and prefer something more real and genuine than a plain colouring book.
If I talk about songs, well, besides ‘Neend churai meri’, I could barely find a song I would want to add in my playlists or even foot tapping for that matter.

The thing I would like to eulogise and praise here is the acting that still had us glued to the screen. It is a one time watch while it may entertain some. The fact that it didn't match up the expectation to a typical Rohit Shetty film was what was disappointing!

All in all, I wouldn’t rate it as high as I expected and would rather have me give 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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