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Great Grand Masti

Release Date: 15-07-2016
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Great Grand Masti



Shyamli Chugh

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Unenticing, Unstimulating & Untantalizing or Hilarious, Teasing and Alluring? It is upto the audience to decide...
Editor's Review: Three words that might define the movie for a section of the audience would be unenticing, unstimulating and untantalizing but for those cinephiles who dig fun in sex jokes and sexcapades, it would rather be hilarious, teasing and alluring.

The movie has a plot where three friends Amar (Riteish Deshmukh), Meet (Vivek Oberoi) & Prem (Aftab Shivdasani), who are frustrated in their marriages for being forced to keep distance from their wives by their relatives, plan to visit a village with great plans to sleep with some ‘Gaon ki gori’. The play is to capitalize on the crackling comradery of three friends who have profound hunger for sex. The village they choose is the one in which there is an ancestral haunted haveli on sale owned by one of the three protagonists. Little did they know that the ride to fun for which they undertook the journey would instead be full of misadventure, a tryst with a sex starved women ghost (Urvashi Rautela) and daunted by misfortunes. The haveli is inhabited by a woman ghost, who died unmarried and is in wait of any visitor with whom she can conjugate to attain salvation.

The narrative of the movie is stereotype with no high moments of fun filled roller coaster ride where one can laugh his heart out as the jokes though seductive are very much predictive. There are few moments of laughter which maybe bang for the buck. Having said that, director Indra Kumar and his crew have concocted a story which maybe entertaining to a segment of movie buffs who find fun in sleazy jokes. Considering the amount of rush, whatever may the story or play be, the name and trailers have created enough curiosity among cinephiles that it has managed to get the desired quantum of audience. The movie will surely find bonding in all those naughty popcorn gobblers who get tickled by raunchy jokes and indecent gesticulations.

The movie maker understands the male chemistry, thus has lot of moments for ogling eyes, the desired oomph and erotic dances sequences to lure the front rowers.

The director has appositely made his male characters stay dedicated to the ludicrous one-liners, which all of them pull off effortlessly. As always, Sanjay Mishra is a treat to watch, but at times, I am surprised how people cannot use the full potential of such an actor. The feeble double entendre, the sleazy jokes and humour about the genitals are pensively wrapped into the story. They make you laugh at times, but at times, you fail to understand why there is a smile on your face, whether the director actually touches the abominable nasty actualities of our hidden conscience or is trying to target inner immoralities in all of us who live under the charade of conventionalities?  

Talking about the female leads, they are reduced to mere portrayals of Indian Nari (female) who are either nagging their husbands or observing fasts for their longer life.

For those who have a craving for adult comedies, Great Grand Masti is an enjoyable Friday Night movie and a one-time watch. Hope you chuckle!


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