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Harjeeta (2018)

Release Date: 18-05-2018
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Harjeeta (2018)


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Considering this and the other Punjabi movies I have watched, if there is one thing that I could gather is the fact that Punjabi movies, with full vigour and zeal, are ready to take over the other cinemas with its mesmerising quality and content. While everybody brags about content being the King, Punjabi Cinema has already begun to tread upon the path to have its content speak volumes of how worthwhile it is to become.
Harjeeta is the real-life story of the Junior Indian Hockey Captain Harjeet Singh (Ammy Virk), who became the pride of our nation as he’d brought lawrence to our country with the Hockey World Cup 2016. This movie breathes pride, determination and hard work while bringing Harjeet Singh and the story of his life to limelight. From a child as zealous, passionate and dedicated as this, life never seized to hinder his path to success, yet it was his never-die, not-giving-up spirit that led him to mark our country as the winners of The World Cup after 15 years of constant defeat.

As a child, he was from an indigent poverty-stricken family, with 5 people who barely had pairs of clothes to change or even sometimes, 3 square meals to eat. While it began with joining hockey wishing to meet the petty needs of his, he eventually got himself wishing for the World Cup. It is the inspirational story of this man, who grew from the mud to the one living in palatial hotels, the one who had built his life from rags to riches yet holding his integrity and humility intact.

The director Vijay Kumar Arora has done a stupendous job with building up the life cycle of Harjeet Singh from childhood to youth, while dealing with the struggles that he had had, the innumerable rejections he had suffered yet rising to the stars with shear determination and will power. He shows how a poor person, who did not have the money to eat properly as a sportsperson, was dismissed on grounds of lacking the stamina. Come what may, he fought everything head on.  

The Qismat Song famous Ammy Virk has done quite an appreciable job. There are not an array of expressions projected by him, but you may give him the benefit of the doubt for the character being subtle and passive.

The movie doesn’t, as such, give you jitters with anxiety and nervousness in the scenes of Hockey matches while you would otherwise expect to be at the edge of your seats, yet leaves you hooked onto it mostly

Harjeeta is definitely a one time watch and this brings me to give it 3.5 out of 5 stars!


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