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Haseena Parkar

Release Date: 22-09-2017
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Haseena Parkar




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Sister of the 47th most powerful person on planet Dawood Ibrahim, this leaves ample room for suspicion for the fact that she would have gotten her hands dirty in the illegal business of her brother, thereby dragging her to court for she was suspected of 88 cases against her.

Haseena Parkar was the Queen of Mumbai, popularly known as Aapa, who was allegedly involved in innumerable crimes and was supposedly handling her brother’s business. The utterance of the name which shivers Mumbai, who still manages to haunt people, who didn’t require more than 2 minutes to intimidate for the obvious reasons, Haseena Parkar had this movie based on her, starring Shraddha Kapoor in her role.

It is the story, more so a biography on the life of Haseena, who was presented before the court barely once and for that one time she was there, the movie films the same when she reminisces the incidents of her life, what brought her to that state and for what reason she was left with no option but to resort to those tactics. It is a victimized state of affairs as shown in the film wherein Haseena is projected as the victim of circumstances, when she refutes all the allegations against her and showcases that the only crime she had ever done was being born as the sister to her brother Dawood. When her loved ones were put to death one by one, when she was left with no one but herself, to struggle through life as an innocent woman who supposedly had no crimes in her name and yet had lost her kith and kin for no reason, it is unfathomable to know or probably get the minutest hint of how painfully depressing, heart breaking and heart wrenching it would have been to see everyone die one by one.

Shraddha Kapoor, in and as Haseena Parkar, has probably done the role of her life, when I believe she should probably be the actress of the year this time for I don’t recall anyone who has been able to perform as tremendously as she did and with every scene, with every expression and every gesture that she did, trust me, I was taken aback every other time to see how she was so exceptional in emulating such a mature character at such a young age. From the early days of adolescence to the later age, there was an unparalleled projection of the character, in the way she led the character to evolve for the character was pretty layered and shady and had stark contrast to anything she probably would have related to in a daily life. Projecting a real life character is probably the hardest for one needs to imitate, match and mirror the mannerisms and manouvres. And Shraddha has indubitably surpassed.

She is given the look, toned down her skin shade to match the character with plumped cheeks and dark lip shades. From the aesthetics to the art production, from direction to editing, there wasn’t much I could criticize about for everyone has worked at par excellence. ­

The songs were outstanding, the choreography was exceptional and the direction was even better. They have managed to replicate the aesthetics of the yesteryear and I ought to say that it was definintely impeccable.
The film has been favourable towards Haseena, but her entire story is yet to be rolled out and projected.

But whatever it was, the way it was projected, shown and brought in front of the audience, it definitely causes me to give it 4 out of 5 stars.


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