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I had my heart out to the character! Ain't enough convincing for you to get going?

A profession that is as devalued and underestimated as teaching, one cannot fathom what significance and importance it holds in the life of a human.

A child born is a human without direction, without anyone anchoring the course of one’s life and this flick does not only celebrate the relationship of a teacher and her prodigies, but also educates the audience about Tourette Syndrome. Every person on this planet has the right to live a normal life, may that person suffer from anything possible. But our society leaves no stone unturned in bringing the other down, in raising the weaknesses while mocking them rather than appreciate the good in the other to a point that the movie time and again points to the fact that there exists Tourette in the minds of society rather than the speech of the affected.   

Naina Mathur, a child suffering from Tourette Syndrome grew up to become an exemplary teacher, the pole star for the underprivileged, an anchor for the aimless and that helping hand for those who longed for one but were discarded and disdained by all. The guiding light of their lives, she knew what value a teacher possesses and understood what it takes to carve the path of success for the students to tread upon and did exactly everything to win them over, be more than acceptable, eulogised and loved despite her problem.

This is a movie that teaches some zillion different things. It gives a world of insight for a child to learn and realise. It makes us understand our value. It brings us to a point of introspection while letting us know that if there at all exists one thing you should primarily do, it is to love yourself for no one will love you unless you love yourself. In fact, Hichki made me realise that it is more than mandatory to accept yourself the way you are.

If you want to watch a light-hearted flick, if there existed even a fleeting thought of self-doubt in life and you love to take back emotions of love, affection, relatability and elation, Hichki is for you!
It might seem a general film yet has powers to stick with you for the entire span of 2 hours 20 minutes without a single second of ennui. You would love Rani Mukerji at the end of it all and would probably have your heart out to the character she played. She has been more than pleasurable to watch and this movie has turned out to be delightfully indulging.

While I talk about the technicalities, there isn’t a lot to write about for not only was the direction at par with excellence, there was barely anything I could specifically pick out to castigate or criticise for as a matter of fact, there probably were the best of the industry behind the film.

I wouldn’t give it a second thought before recommending this and suggest a definite watch for HCHKI! 3.5 stars out of 5 for this one!

TWO WORDS OF REVIEW: Supremely Satisfying!


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