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Housefull 3

Release Date: 03-06-2016
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Housefull 3


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Known to all, Housefull has never been a brainy comedy yet had always been a harbinger amongst the comic entertainers. Out of much hustle-bustle and layers of confusion built through the movie one after the other, Housefull had always been able to extract spontaneous laughter from the audience. Considering this, with an expectation of something bigger and better, most of the audience, including I, was keen and looking forward for its third franchise. While everyone expecting this, might have been hooked onto it since its trailer launch, but a ride to a laughter  was mellowed down because of lack of  ENTERTAINING QUOTIENT in the movie but the punch lines and the funny dialogues via the deshmukh would generate hope for a laugh riot but the movie could not take us to the desired heights but it was a ONE TIME WATCH.

The ensemble cast with entertainers as great and versatile as Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh, Abhishek Bachchan and Boman Iran DID THEIR BEST PER THE DIALOGUES OFFERED TO THEM.  A few dialogues might give you a slight tickle, nonetheless the script writing called for PIVOTING BASELINE WHICH WAS SOMEWHAT FUNDEMENTALLY MISSING.

The movie begins with the three lead actresses Ganga (Jacqueline Fernandes),  Jamuna (Lisa Haydon) and Saraswati (Nargis Fakhri), the daughters of Batuk Patel (Boman Irani) who are barred from getting married, courtesy their father. While he has his own intentions behind this, he keeps his daughter in a typical Indian manner, having them imbibed with all the Indian cultures and despising all those males who are either keen to marry his daughters or are their boyfriends. This lasts only until the three opportunists and gold diggers, Sandy (Akshay Kumar), Teddy (Ritesh Deshmukh) and Bunty (Abhishekh Bachchan) enter into their lives committing them of their love for the three ladies.  the storyline and dialogues of the movie IS SOMEWHAT SHALLOW, the actors DID THEIR BEST TO GENERATE INTEREST WITH THEIR COMIC SENSE. The dialogues of the movie are SOMEWHAT MOLDY BUT KINKY, AND GENERATE SPONTANEOUS LAUGHTER from the audience. It is a must go for movie buffs who do not want to miss the 

Coming from the directors of the non-entertaining movie ‘Entertainment’, Farhad-Sajid have yet again managed to ride on their bandwagon of boredom. While Akshay Kumar could still manage to have the audience sit on the seats with his Sandy and Sundi, showcasing his split personality disorder, the director duo with their disabled script could barely keep the audience as entertained as the previous two franchises have succeeded in doing.

As Jackie Shroff begins with his share of role in the movie, it only adds to the story, not the entertainment. In all, it is a plane boring movie with humour sporadically arriving in bits and pieces. It is not more than a 2.5 out of 5.


Housefull has always had an ensemble cast and since its first part, the casting director has done a great job with all the experienced actors, skilled at the comic genre. Housefull 3 comprising of Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh, Boman Irani and Jacqueline Fernandes carrying forward and Abhishekh Bachchan, Lisa Haydon, Nargis Fakhri and Jackie Shroff as the newbies in the franchise, is a good mix. A special mention to Akshay Kumar for his portrayal of Sandy and Sundi as a result of his split personality disorder, caused much tickles during the movie.


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