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Ittefaq (2017)

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Before the review, I’d like all you cinephiles to comment in the section below, the predicted murderer!
Let’s see who gets it right!

2 murders, 2 suspects, 1 night. This coin of the story has 3 sides, one as projected by Maya (Sonakshi Sinha), one with the prerogative of Vikram (Sidharth Malhotra) and one lays the truth. Ittefaq is the story of the dreadful night when there were two murders and whether you call it coincidence or planned, the prediction of the ultimate murderer doesn’t really come to one while you're pretty oblivious about the motive of the murder.

Maya and Vikram, both shear strangers and when the first encounter is so death-dealing and ghastly, I wonder how the factor of intrigue is much to resistance. This is a high profile case of the renowned novelist Vikram Sethi who is charged of a double murder of his wife and Maya’s husband and while proving his innocence, the twist and turn to the story is unraveled.
While the flick lacks the element of intrigue and the edge of the seat sentiment for a major part of the movie, it yet seems difficult to fathom what the real story is, who the conspirator might be and which the true side of the coin is . While Vikram has the sympathy, Maya’s lack of convincing and innocence is time and again challenged, and Dev’s (Akshaye Khanna) oblivion to the literal truth has the eyes of the audience for you’ll see yourself walking the story through the side of the cop (Khanna).
You’d want to believe both the sides, either looking more compelling than the other, only managing to catch more eyeballs and evoking curiosity as the drama unfolds with you trying to get to the bottom of it.  

Ittefaq doesn’t intrigue you for at least half of the film while you won’t find yourself deeply engrossed into the thought of the killer, but once it does, you’d keep guessing!

The climax is not the most fascinating or curiosity arousing, yet it's appeal would somehow have you stick your eyes to the screen.

The flick has got the charm and the innocence of Sidharth Malhotra, the appeal of Sonakshi and the rugged yet swaggering strut of the marvelous Akshaye Khanna. It has the direction, the story and the screenplay, the acting and the cast and indubitably, Abhay Chopra, the prodigy of the most renowned and dexterous director of Bollywood, Yash Chopra, it makes me wonder what could get wrong in this.

Well, what is beyond my resistance is to comment about Sidharth Malhotra here. Call it his oozing charm or the fact that he has been magnificent and stunning in the film with his acting, I wouldn’t keep myself from eulogizing the way he has emoted in almost every other scene. From the scene when you’ll see him cry and sob at the pitiful situation while reminiscing his wife to the expressions when you wouldn’t feel anyone more genuine than him, all credits to his acting, I had never imagined his acting would progress by such leaps and bounds with such an exponential growth after Student of the Year and his movies post it.

Ittefaq is definitely worth the watch and I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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Rhea - on 'Sunday 05th of November 2017 03:36:34 PM

thoroughly enjoyed the film.


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