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Jab Harry Met Sejal

Release Date: 04-08-2017
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Jab Harry Met Sejal








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The romantic hero Shahrukh Khan with the director of the ever eternal evergreen love stories Imtiaaz Ali, wait, does it require me any more convincing for you to have soaring expectations and stronger grounds for having the bubbling curiosity within in order to watch this rocking chemistry and a love story of the duo Shakrukh and Anushka in a film yet again?

From the day the trailer was released to the day the film was there in the theatre, I don’t recall having the amount of eagerness to watch a movie off late than I had to watch this. But HONESTLY (brutally honest!), I had literally slept.

The movie begins with the girl named Sejal (Anushka Sharma), who was there for a family trip with Shahrukh Khan playing the role of the tour guide. But fortunately or unfortunately, she loses her ring and in order to challenge and counter the taunts that her fiancé had showered on her, she returns to find the ring at all the places she had been so as to get that diamond ring back.

Shahrukh is this tour guide, who begins with being a little frustrated one for a heaven knows what reason. Anushka clings onto him, convincing and shrugging off all the efforts of Shahrukh in order to get rid of her.

Hence, the journey of this expectedly interesting, yet actually stale love story, begins!

Anushka Sharma is a Gujarati girl. Well, she might be portraying to do so, but her diction of gujarati seems out and out fake, convincing the audience well enough to think that she would have been playing it better with her normal diction. Drawing a parallel to this, Shahrukh’s character belongs to Punjab.

Well, with the way he keeps on uttering ‘meine amb lene hain’, he tries his best to get into the manouvres of being a Punjabi, but isn’t exactly how a Punjabi would actually say so.

Coming back to the story, neither is it adventurous, nor romantically convincing or heart wrenching at points when circumstances go against uniting them.
It is humorous, well, at some points but otherwise gets real dull and uneventful, with scenes that are rather uncalled for and unstimulating.  

When a film as outstanding and bar setting as Jab We Met is amongst his directed movies, it isn’t wrong to expect a rather good movie out of Imtiaz Ali. But this one is definitely the least expected.
Shahrukh and anushka have been good respectively with special mention to Shahrukh Khan who looks dapper and ogle worthy.

The album is supremely melodious and catchy and they have already managed to become the chartbuster songs with beech beech mein being my personal favourite.

I would give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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