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Jia aur Jia

Release Date: 27-10-2017
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Jia aur Jia






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While the name is the selling point of the movie and the trailer seems rather interesting, well, all you movie buffs, it's harsh to tell, but the movie would rather be dull and uninteresting, shattering all your expectations of a light hearted comic flick.

What would rather be served to you is a typical, not-so-novel, intended to be motivating yet falling flat a movie which you could watch on days when you will feel dejected and depressed, but let me tell you, it would still not help you much!

Jia and Jia is a story about two Jias’ Jia1  and Jia2.

Jia1 + Jia2 = a vacation to Sweden

Jia1 = depressed, suicidal tendencies and Jia2 = vivacious, bubbly, carefree

While Jia 1 has past history that causes her to try all possible options at committing suicide, the preached fact that one does what fate intends us to do, comes into practice and she is time and again saved by her trip buddy Jia 2. And unfortunately, the one who had all the zeal, vigour and every possible element of a chirpy young lady had the dreaded disease Cancer.
Well, I know it’s already getting pretty typical and standard and you might already have a fleeting thought pf probably not watching it, another reason that would probably convince of a regular, run-of-the-mill, unsurprising and an unexceptional entry is of the male protagonist Vaasu (Arsnal) who couldn’t have a more clichéd presence than this when he wishes to marry Jia 2 during her last days of living.

The only times you could have seen me a tad bit interested was when they had those song sequences for a fact that the songs were pretty toe tapping and catchy. Na shukre had the beats and Nach Basanti is pretty irresistible.

The story is conventional, sub-standard and indistinctive. While everybody brags about content, I wonder where the content of this movie was. What is even disenchanting is when writers do not initiate anything new that could probably bring an edge to the film. With such dexterous actresses in the project, there could be hundred percent greater chances of a successful out-of-the box and a remarkable film that could have swept it all, but the fact that it was dull, it made one wonder why the film was shot at all!

 While I would be all prasies for Kalki Koechlin considering the skill and art with which she could project herself, Richa Chaddha was equally disappointing for me for I felt a sense of superficiality. It more or less felt as if she wasn’t her one hundred percent self in the film and I can say this for a fact that I have seen her brilliancy in other roles, may it be Ram Leela or Masaan for that matter. Her adroit could speak for herself, but this one was a tad bit disappointing according to me.

The movie is average, the acting may be decent but that doesn’t account for a movie worth the watch.

The writing that could have furled its flag even higher has probably been the reason to its current disappointing status and I would give it 1.5 out of 5 stars.


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