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Judwaa 2

Release Date: 29-09-2017
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JUDWAA 2 Trailer Reviews


The yesteryear blockbuster, which has still managed to have its space in the hearts of many, the story about mistaken identities, the trailer begins with Prem played by Varun Dhawan, who seems to have this unusual weird problem wherein he strangley feels that his body is controlled by some external force.

With this comes the dramatic entry of the notorious Raja, who comes as a saviuor to his judwa brother Prem!

The songs, brings the nostalgia, almost every other kid knows them and considering this apparent remake, tan tana tan and chalti hai kya 9 se 12 are yet again to be seen in almost every other club and dance floors!

This brings in Jacqueline and Taapsee Pannu who have set the stage on fire. The two look dazzling in the film with Taapsee coupling with Prem and Jacqueline alongside the funky Raja.

This seems to be a full on entertainer by David Dhawan.

I would highly recommend to watch this on the 29th of September in the theatres.