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Junooniyat aka the intense passion, may it be for anything, but here for love gives pleasure when you find the person and in here with the movie, there isn’t a second thought about the fact that the movie is certainly a testimony to it.


Portraying the character of an army captain is this man of ethics and martinetish attitude Jahan Bakshi (Pulkit Samrat)for his profession calls for it and makes him dutiful to the country. He is what he is until he encounters Suhana (Yami Gautam), a Khalsa College, Amritsar student who lands up for a summer camp wherein the two see each other. While it wasn’t a love-at-first-sight meeting, the connection and relentless unbounding love built eventually drawing the passion, or so to say, junooniyat for each other, making the two inseparable, unless Suhana’s father acts as an arched rival, resistant to the passionate love story of these two.


If you are a daughter, you wouldn’t agree more to the fact that the only concern a father has is to give all the pleasures of life to his daughters and the moment there is anyone to wipe off the smile from her face, her father stands in front as the strongest barrier discarding every thorn that might hurt her while is the worst affected to see the welling tears in her eyes, well, more than she herself.


Suhana’s father approved of anyone, but an army officer for when you know the repercussions of what the family goes through when the man isn’t around and is off to the borders, leaving others behind with the sole fear, yet hope for the well-being of the person, it isn’t a life the father would subject his daughter to. Losing two brothers and a son in the army was enough to make him understand tonnes and the sorrow he had been through in losing his beloved was nowhere close to what the soul of his house, Suhana should have got.


Putting forth the toughest decision for the protagonist to take, it drives the second half of the movie, wherein after many hindrances, obstacles and much ado, it boils down to a blissful expected end of it all. The scenes are well portrayed and well shot with an excellent screenplay. Exquisite locations from the waters of Ladakh to the ravishing snowbeds of the Himalayas, the director has explicitly and outstandingly captured a great deal of the picturesque views. From the scenes in the marriage while gathering the relatives to all the detailings in the marriage ceremony, I failed to notice any loophole or lacuna in the screenlay. The acting of the protagonists has been a delight to watch while they were true to every ounce, every bit of the character. From ‘Nachaange Saari Raat’ to the title track ‘Junooniyat’, the songs are way too exhilarating and mesmerizing, nothing short of what a T-series film is indubitably expected to have. The story isn’t too unique, which even the director may agree with, yet it is played out in a way it doesn’t make you regret spending your 2.5 hours at for it is worth watching once.


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