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Well, before I go any further, let me raise a rather basic, yet pertinent question, what does a typical revenge story encompass? A protagonist, an antagonist, a suffering wife/girlfriend and the strategic plan for the ultimate revenge. As cliché as it can get, Kaabil ain’t any different and is the same typical hackneyed story of Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik Roshan), a visually impaired man who falls for another blind woman Supriya (Yami Gautam). While their marriage was on track and blissful with their fate carving out the best for them, the plot witnesses the entry of the antagonists, the evil in the form of two brothers, Amit (Rohit Roy) and the corporator brother (Ronit Roy). The status of corporator brother in the political system and his power over the police gets them at his behest and follow every step as directed by him to fight the hero.

The movie projects how the two disabled overpower their disability with their intellect, wit and determination, are absolutely independent and do not arouse any sense of sympathy with respect to their visual impairment. It showcases how the lack of one human sense (the sense of sight) strengthens his other sense, primarily the sense of hearing and his master brain to battle the villains to ashes.

It is indeed a vapid predictable and unimaginative storyline, with negligible nuances, other than a few effects that might impress the audience. It is rather incredible to fathom, visualize or imagine how a disabled man is so dexterous and efficient to be fighting goons and the others at sites such a construction site or an oil storehouse for that matter, yet escaping with barely any scratches. Although the director has made sure to reason out and project every step of the protagonist in a very comprehensive manner, yet it just makes it difficult for the audience to gulp it down.  

Kaabil has the back of a proficient and competent technical team with experts for it is difficult to find a loophole in this strata. While I may say this, as far as the theme and the baseline of the story is the topic of discussion, I wouldn’t rate it anywhere more than 2 out of 5 for a fact that it has a major dearth of nuances and exclusivity. If you have watched the trailer, it doesn’t require you to caste your mind any further for it more or less engulfs 90% of the movie.

While some may feel mushy and sweet at the love of the two protagonists, there are moments when the acting of the supremely talented and gifted Hrithik Roshan causes you to smile in the moments of his joy while you have your heart weep and seared through at his moments of dismay and sorrow. He emulates the charcteristics of his role and moulds himself in a way so much so that you probably cannot envision any other actor apposite for the role.

From the moments he looks at his wife suffering to those rugged stern looks in the revenge scenes, his acting is worth the eulogy. While I appreciate Hrithik for his plausible performance, I can’t help, but commend the recently sought after actress Yami Gautam, whose refreshing presence and performance on screen has gathered a rather appreciable number of cheers from the audience. Well, considering the movies I have been watching off late, I have managed to observe how Ronit Roy has been such a consistently tremendous actor every time he has played the role of an antagonist and doesn’t let the attention of the audience waver until he’s on that screen.

Other than the fact that the director has catered to a rather sluggish and a dull script, Sanjay Gupta has done a good job as far as the domain of direction is concerned.

There are moments when you feel certain effects such as the ones during the fight sequence at the construction site and the oil reserves make the movie a decent watch, yet the 'no novelty fact' comes into picture, when you may feel the story doesn’t have anything different to say.

Scenes such as the dancing sequences of the two visually impaired people rejoice you at times. The movie would’ve been a good watch had there been certain unpredictable twists or the revenge plot would rather be a little out of the box than what was popularly foreseen.

I would give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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