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Kaalakaandi = Kaala + Kaandi = disastrously wrong things

Entirely encompassing its premise on this, is the movie which comprises of three absolutely different tracks, as distinct and polarized as they can get and nonsensical. While on one hand you’d see the story of Vineet (Saif Ali Khan), there would in parallel be another story of the two pawns of a gangster Raza Bhai, who wish to be liberated from his clutches while schematically planning so as to have money of their own rather than walking his footsteps. While you would find yourself struggling through these, there is the cropping up of another story of a couple with the girlfriend (Shobhita Dhulipala) obsessively insisting of some flight she is supposed to catch in an hour or two while the man (Kunal Roy Kapur) urges to attend their friend’s party. Little do they realize this would turn for a disastrous sequence of events and it would fall nothing short of a nightmare.

The raucous that is created whilst each story struggling through their kaalankaandis, it is a conundrum created within a night’s span. Vineet is suffering from Stomach cancer while he’s stupefied for a fact that he has led the healthiest life there probably was ever possible. While the doctors declare a maximum of 3 months left of survival, he plunges into trying the sins with drugs, smoke, alcohol which he would have otherwise never come in the proximity of, thereby letting his life turn topsy turvy.

Deepak Dobriyal and  Vijay Raaz are the leads of the second story which rather gets uninteresting, boring and monotonous. There seems no point of this track and sequences unfolded for there doesn’t arrive a single moment which could probably induce a smile on your face.

The only person who keeps the movie afloat is Saif Ali Khan, whose banter, knee jerk reactions and shear acting causes the laughter that ever existed in the movie. He, under the influence of drugs, finds himself doing tactics, dressing in feather coats and band in his hair which I won’t deny it is funny, but I believe the expectations were way too high for them to be true.

The overall movie was based on dark comedy, but what turned out was less comedy. You would definitely have your expectations soaring with Aamir Khan all praises about it, but honestly, I saw very little of it. Nothing in the movie was as amusing to me for I, in most of the portion of the film, was trying to figure out while waiting for the three tracks to be connected somehow. While you would see it at the end, it’ll be so negligibly noticeable and futile that you would rather feel there was one track than to have all the three and channelize into nothingness.

I would give this film not more than 2.5 stars.


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