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Kapoor and Sons

Release Date: 18-03-2016
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Kapoor and Sons




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When a family does not tussle and dissent having a falling out for absolutely no reason, having a doubt about the well being of the family striking in your head is still legitimate. Having a similar scenario in the Kapoor clan, from the mother father rift to the unending differences between the two brothers, Kapoor and Sons show the usual bickering commonly seen in almost every family round the block.

The story commences with showing the grandfather whose ultimate desire and desperate inclination is to have a family photograph which is to be inscribed with ‘Kapoor and sons since 1921’ below the picture, but whatever he might intend to do, there invariably, occur such disputes and issues which overshadow the affection and love the family members are most likely to have. While most of the crew members have reiterated time and again about their belief that it is the most quotidian experience in almost every other family, I beg to differ for throwing glasses at each other, from between the brothers to the husband and wife, certainly is not the most common visual. It is followed by squabbles in the husband wife relationship portrayed by Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak respectively, rather efficiently while they keep cribbing about for no reason, maybe it be an issue of the bathroom or the kitchen. It was all pretty ordinary and the same routine of the rifts within the family till the young vivacious Tia (Alia Bhatt) enters the screen wherein she plays the so called ‘And’ in the movie connecting the family coherently and adding the flavours of bliss and love in the life of Arjun Kapoor (Sidharth Malhotra). While Alia Bhatt does not have a major role in the film, yet her presence is felt throughout for it affects the relationship of not only her and Arjun, but also of the two brothers who otherwise have been in an awkward situation as always. After much ado and amidst the truck loads of altercations, there have been endearing beautiful moments when the grandfather (Rishi Kapoor), Arjun (Sidharth) and Rahul (Fawad Khan) which nonetheless, bring smiles to your face for the light banter the three share. There continue to be revelations throughout which though initially create misunderstanding, yet leads it all to a better ending. Amongst betrayal, fear, joy and sorrow of this dysfunctional Kapoor family, it raises a flag of the one feeling the families forget, i.e., whatsoever might happen, there isn’t anyone and anything more essential that your very own kith and kin who despite all that might go wrong, will always stand by your side through thick and thin.

It is a journey the audience goes through along with the characters themselves, thereby making them a part of the plot for they intend to make the movie relatable. Humour insights are distinctly shown in small yet memorable scenes such as that of the plumber scenes when it doesn’t leave you with anything than a small giggle. The scenes are well shot with intricacies taken care of, hence making it effective for the viewers to comprehend.

The fact that old age is best known as the second childhood, Dadu (Rishi Kapoor) doesn’t fail to bring a smile or a laugh every time he comes forth in the scenes from his demands of watching adult videos on the iPad to fighting with his friends on his birthday while playing cards.

Every actor in the movie has done a tremendous job with their nuances. The young trio comprising of the young Sidharth Malhotra, hyper, little ditzy Alia bhatt and the pragmatic Fawad Khan have made the viewers want to watch more of them to rekindle the energies on screen. The overall chaos between the families has been well depicted and calls for an appreciation for Shakun Batra.


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