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Emotionally detached from his father, Avinash's life comes to a sudden halt when encountered by the death of his not-so-close father. Setting onto a journey with his friend Shaukat from Bangalore to Kochi to get his father’s body while mistakenly, two bodies get mixed up, this is a rather not-so-tragic road trip as much as the theme may sound and despite the gloominess of death hanging on the shoulder, Karwaan comes as another road film that accosts its three characters to get onto this bumpy ride ultimately leading to self-discovery.

Avinash has never had a good relationship with his father for the sole fact that his father pushed him into the typical, uninteresting and lesser creative job of a software engineer while his heart, soul and absolute desire had him cling to photography. While his father was never in favour of his interest in exhibiting his photographs, his apathy got the two of them stand with a barrier amidst to break the loving relationship of a father and a son.

En route they are joined by a granddaughter (Mithila Palkar) of a deceased grandmother, who unlike Avinash seems to have a good relationship with her. Each complexed into the tangles of their own life, dealing, exploring and discovering life outside and inside of themselves and eventually leading themselves to a path they have desired, Karwaan is not only a road journey, but a journey of self-exploration filled with laughter, joy, its share of ups and downs, yet coming back with lively moments and never leaving behind an instance of boredom.

It gathers itself under the thematic umbrella of doing what you desire, what you yearned to do and ultimately believing in your dreams.

Dulquer Salmaan, the Malayalam heart throb has made his Bollywood debut with this and yes, his acting has certainly called for claps of appreciation and eulogy. The young actress Mithila Palkar, who has managed to get her audience through her videos on YouTube and web series, will yet again get you to a notice her performance amidst the veterans Irrfan Khan And Dulquer and with that, it definitely accounts for a laudable performance. What goes without saying is Irrfan Khan who has almost marked yet another film to his glorious performances. His is the funniest and the most entertaining character of all and if it weren’t for this character and moreover, Irrfan Khan playing the role, I feel it could have fallen flat.

The movie is entertaining. It is comic at moments when you will have more than half the audience giggling. The movie doesn’t load you with its preachiness as a result of which its mixture of comedy with, yet a meaningful conclusion causes for a great film to watch.

I would give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.


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