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Lucknow Central (2017)

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Lucknow Central (2017)




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A while ago, probably 2 weeks back, there was this movie by Yash Raj Productions by the name of Qaidi Band which had a similar premise, somewhat a similar plot..atleast that is what one could assume from the trailer, with an innocent man put behind bars, an idea of having a band on the 15th of August on the occasion of Independence day by the cell inmates and then have a full-fledged show, while amidst all this crops up the idea of an escape from the prison by the schematic prisoners for all they wished was to taste the essence of freedom after years and ages of imprisonment.

Starring Farhan Akhtar as the main lead, the protagonist, Lucknow Central is based on the aforementioned premise with this theme, which probably would not have felt as stale had Qaidi Band not released at such a short span. Consequently, there was this yard stick in my mind before I went to watch this, which probably would have been with anyone who had watched Qaidi Band.
But this was different in execution, distinguishable on the basis of the casting and a little with the storyline as well. Lucknow Central had Kishan (Farhan) whose ultimate desire was to form a band, to perform on stage and earn the love, blessings and respect from people.

Call it fortune or misfortune, this innocent man lands up in jail with other criminals, where he lives up his dream to form his own band.

As I said, the story would have been unique and out of the box had the yash raj film not released and having said that, there is bound to be comparison and I would say Qaidi Band was better.

The acting I would say was good, with Deepak Dobriyal who has been one of my favourites for he manages to entertain and make a mark on screen.

The film is well executed, well shot and seems pretty good. There wasn’t any moment when I felt I probably should have left the hall or it was slacking. It wasn’t thrilling, yet didn’t lack the excitement quotient.

Farhan Akhtar had tried to get into the role of a local and with the diction and dialect, I think it was pretty believable for he seems to have gone that extra mile to slide himself into the character.

Well, with farhan akhtar being in the film, I expected atleast one song in his original voice. Although the songs was melodious and catchy, I’d say he should have had atleast one of his self-sung songs.

All in all, I wasn’t as disappointed for it a nice watch and I would definitely give it 3 out of 5 stars.


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