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Release Date: 22-07-2016
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Deepali Chugh

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A movie with a perfect star cast, perfect subject and an on-point director, well, doesn't it account for a preconceived notion of a pretty good movie? At least I thought so unless to my dismay and quite an annoying watch of this 2 hour 13 minute long movie or so to say, a geographic tour, here we had Madaari!

A common man, amongst a billion other commoners, with a common identity and a common face, yet an uncommon intention and an agenda to trap the political system of our country into the nets they have been laying for the citizens since the commencement of the system, the movie intended to unravel the corrupt fraudulent politics of our country, crippling the pillars of the nation with the dishonest motive of filling their ever widening pockets with the money of the public.

Madaari is the story of an agonised common man, aggrieved by the death of his son, left desolate and hopeless with no objective in his life for his son was quashed under a jerry built flyover pull, which as a result of the shoddy substandard material had collapsed, thus causing the death of his son so much so that the body was untraceable.

Avenging his son’s death, Nirmal (Irrfan) kidnaps the son of the home minister in order to show them the ropes and put them to ground. A potential movie with a mediocre screenplay and a not so intriguing plot, the movie comprised of an unapologetic number of lacunas. Touching the Achilles Heel of every other citizen of the country, the subject of the movie had managed to raise quite a stir amongst the audience. Considering what the outcome could’ve been with the topic at the table, the movie was a sheer disappointment.

The director has failed to show the vigour and action the police typically has in an abduction case. While Jimmy Shergill is shown as a senior police officer, his character hasn’t been able to ignite any thrill whatsoever. The director not only failed to bring forth a strong character, he couldn’t even manage to exploit his brilliance in acting. While he is shown as an absolutely focused sleepless police officer, fighting tooth and nail to get the abducted child back, his is not as convincing a performance as is usually outpoured.

The script called for multiple reviewing before its final print for the number of lacunas it had,  it couldn’t have been less erratic. The story was consistently predictable and dissuading, unless the climax of the movie, which still managed to gain curiosity and attention.

The queer part of the story was the listless travelling of the kidnapper from state to state. The movie is majorly and out and out carried on the shoulders of Irrfan Khan whose breakdown in moments, depicting the anguished longing parent has been a testament to the talent of this man.

Yet, while I can be all praises for him, I can’t not mention the fact that the emotion of a single parent whom he had brought up all by himself and loved him more than he loved himself, the acting of the father whose life has just been destroyed to shatters with his dead child, it wasn’t a performance as emotional and real as what a father would actually be behaving as. A hysteric father who couldn’t get the body of his child while he was brutally pressed down under the broken flyover was hugely missing.

The portrayal of the realities of our political system is absolutely perfect to the ‘T’, while there are moments wherein the director intended to show the agitation of the masses extracted from the real life clips of the numerous rallies.

The movie has been an average watch With a subject as essential and engaging as this, it could’ve been exploited in a way that there wouldn’t have been a more captivating political thriller than this, but it missed all the ingredients for it.