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MANMARZIYAAN should rather be titled as Bewakoofiyaan for the zillion reasons it gives me to say so! Four words that would instantly crop up in my mind and had been revolving around my thoughts while watching this flick were DEPLORABLE, MISGUIDING, UNVIRTUOUS AND utterly DISGRACEFUL!

Not only did the movie disgusted me to a point when I literally felt like leaving amidst it, the characters and the plot were cringeworthy.

It blemished the Punjabi community and being a Punjabi myself, I might take offense at how a complete Non-Punjabi director wrongly portrayed our community and religion. With Manmarziyaan being set in the backdrop of Amritsar, it was more than just a false and nonsensical representation of Punjabis wherein Robbi (Abhishekh Bachchan) removed his turban time and again to smoke, the Punjabi family of Rumi (Taapsee) was portrayed as shear dumb, yielding and submissive while on the contrary, we Punjabis bleed love for our kith and kin and die to safeguard the pride and dignity of our daughters, exactly why this community is as revered as much as it is.

STORY: This plot revolves around Rumi (Taapsee) and Vicky (Vicky Kaushal) whose fickle mindedness trails through and through and drives the story all along while Robbi (Abhishekh) is shown as a shear meek husband whose head over heels in love character gets his wife Rumi to befool him and fall back to her previous love while having an extra marital affair.

REVIEW/DIRECTOR: The director, who we supposedly thought was intelligent enough, didn’t give a second thought about the fact that the movie was extremely misguiding to the youth. In a country where movies, actors and characters are idealised, is it as difficult to comprehend the repercussions to showcase such an immoral flick? Honestly, I am yet to see characters as that of Rumi and Vicky, who will have as gross an impression as they have had on youth.

What is even appalling is the fact that it is one of those directors of the country, whom you might expect the least to select such an imprudent script, which seemed rather uncalled for.  

Not only could I not understand the reason as to why, on earth, this movie was made in the first place, I couldn’t even gather myself around the number of wrong messages it has the capability of sending to its audience. From a ridiculous plot to unreasonable characters and an entirely incorrect and inappropriate projection of a community, Manmarziyaan has had its level dropping to the grounds and the quality of a story going southwards.

MUSIC: Had it not been the music and the actors, there exists little to appreciate.

ULTIMATE VERDICT: Although I leave it to the discretion and judgement of the audience to watch such a flick, I would encourage them to voice opinions to the directors and story writers for we, as audience command a meaningful and sensible content in place of some foolish portrayal of the youth of our country who, rather than viewing characters they might look up to, are instead audience to such immoral characters.

Manmarziyaan deserves no more than 1.5 out of 5 stars, with the only good thing that could lure you enough to watch it for its duration of 2 hours 36 minutes would be the stupendous acting of the three protagonists, the only good aspect of the film.


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