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Mohenjo Daro




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Humongous sets, larger than life scenarios, picturesque views with unmatched precision and massively structured grandiose films, well, it exactly sums up an Ashutosh Gowariker movie and when a movie with grandeur as epic as Mohenjo Daro is concerned, there isn’t a second thought about the fact that the manner in which Mohenjo Daro has evolved, its majesty and regality is beyond words.

Mohenjo Daro is a story about Sarman, an indigo farmer having all the heroism and valor to fight the odds for the well-being of his village. But his urge and desperation to go to Mohenjo Daro is incremented every time his guardians ceased his opportunities to go. Failing in all his attempts to stop him, he finally lets Sarman go to Mohenjo Daro, but with a piece of majestic seal which he asked him to open at a moment of life and death. While Sarman couldn’t keep away from looking at the seal, he couldn’t even stop himself from using it until he realizes the atrocities, discontentment and the unjust and inequitable practices amongst the general public, which caused him to raise his voice towards the ultimate ruler of Mohenjo Daro Maham, whose egocentricity and egomania led him to kill all those who raised their voice against his decisions.
Ashutosh Gowariker also portrays the mesmerizing love story of Sermon (Hritik Roshan) and Chaani (Pooja Hedge) who fight their ways to evolve as a love story worth exemplifying. Fighting tooth and nail against Maham, Sarman comes forth as the messiah of the masses, who had the audacity to fight for the right and for whom, injustice couldn’t prevail for whatsoever.

There wasn’t a moment throughout the movie which didn’t manage to leave me in awe of the resplendent glory and grandiosity with which the director had created every bit of the film. The depiction of the prehistoric era is remarkable with the artifacts, lingo, production and the minutest details, treating their authenticity from the times. The hard work put in by the cast and crew is magnificent and deserves a hats off. From tip to towers, Ashutosh Gowariker’s efforts to create an epic out of this simple story of love and revenge came out rather explicitly and distinctly and have thereby managed to charm the audience with the sumptuous aura of not only the characters, but everything surrounding it.

As far as the technicalities are concerned, the movie has been a pleasurable watch with soothing music and enchanting songs. The VFX effects were appreciable at certain points, while at the others, it misses the technical lookover. But, when the story is the subject on the table, although it does not serve as a typically novel idea, yet this 2 hour 30 minute long saga doesn’t let you regret or moan. The movie is out and out overstretched, with moments when you feel like forwarding a few scenes or for that matter, not include them amidst your watch.

I wouldn’t keep away from mentioning a few glitches or well, bloopers in the film which out of the huge efforts and hard work done by the cast and crew, were a bit unnoticed. While the story is set in the backdrop of 2016 B.C., we see a few dancers wearing footwear of the current times. I woudn't question the art director's research on the era, but as far as I could look at it, I'm quite unsure.

Last but not the least, the acting has been a pleasure watching for when you have actors as versatile, hard-working, fluid and talented as Hritik Roshan, Kabir Bedi and Arunoday Roy, you barely notice anything faulty. Special mention to the newcomer Pooja Hedge who has done a commendable job for her first time and her looks as a charming, young girl has been portrayed rather well.

The movie lacked the entertainment quotient at times, yet it prevails as a one-time watch. I would certainly give it a three out of five.


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