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MS Dhoni

Release Date: 30-09-2016
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MS Dhoni


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MS Dhoni Review
Perseverance and hard working- words that precisely define the journey and the untold story of this sublime achiever, whose struggling childhood in a small town, failing at every step time and again, yet standing strong and head on, toiling sweat and blood while ultimately  reaching the soaring heights, MS Dhoni has been a true epitome of inspiration and motivation.
Neeraj Pandey’s MS Dhoni is a biopic on the famous cricketer and captain of the Indian Cricket Team Mahendra Singh Dhoni. While most people were never aware of his struggle in life, this movie precisely encompasses every happening that got him to a stature he currently is at.
The story commences with his childhood days when he struggled to master the wicket keeping technique while his burning desire kept him at his toe to roll on as a batsman. As  lucks favours the brave, a football player becomes a cricketer.His wins and victories over a period of time, yet at one point, ending up as a Ticket Collector at a railway station, thereby hampering his desires of becoming a part of the Indian Cricket team is what is shown in here.
The director shows instances when his own kith and kin support studies over sports for a matter of fact that the society we live in values education and a secure job over a person’s desire and talent in a field which does not follow the norms or for that matter, is unconventional.
The second half of the movie is driven by his love life and his fame with his triumphant self at the pinnacle of success.
The director of the movie has elaborately and quite precisely depicted every important event in his life while simultaneously depicting this optimistic man who never lost hope, despite missing major events under undesirable and inevitable circumstances.
This 3 hour 10 minute long biopic on one of the most crucial and essential part of our current Indian Cricket Team, whose efforts, hard work, dedication, motivation, endurance, vigour and unwavering endeavours has left every member of the audience in complete awe of this man.
Sushant Singh Rajput has, indubitably, given a terrific and outstandingly splendid performance while emulating every maneuver and technique of this afore mentioned cricketer. Barely would you find a miss or two in the way he has projected this man of honour.
While I say this, I would not keep away from mentioning the duration of this movie which accounts for 3 hours and 10 minutes, that is more than just overstretched. Having said that, the audience does not feel a pang of ennui or boredom at any moment throughout.
The audience would go with a smile at the end of it all for a fact that Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s untold story makes us value and eulogise him the moment it ends and you reminisce his journey.
I would go with a 3.5 out of 5 stars.   


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