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Release Date: 18-10-2018
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Namaste England






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The sequel to Namaste London, this flick is a spin off of the original movie Namaste London, with different characters and some changes in the plot, yet the theme around which it revolves of an obsessive yearning and desire to go to England for a certain initial aversion to the cultures and norms of the Indian society, which later culminates into affinity for India, remains the same.

STORY: Namaste England begins with Param and Jasmeet who desire to marry each other. Other than marrying Param, Jasmeet earnestly wishes to work, but is time and again barred to do so due to the family norms. Struggling to keep up her fire of achieving her dreams, she works slyly without having it come to knowledge of her father, but once caught, she fails to contain it in herself and fights tooth and nail to fend for ways in order to settle abroad.

The story undergoes a wave of happiness, betrayal, schematic tactics to get the spouse back and an ultimate happily-ever-after touch, with moments of providing its audience dialogues that are intended to make them understand the essence of the Indian culture.

REVIEW: The story fails to connect with its audience. Not only does the screenplay seem superficial, the characters do not impress the audience either and the dialogues seem forced than come natural in the way of speaking. While the prequal was levels ahead of this one, the characters were way more endearing, relatable and engaging.

There was little build-up of the characters. Other than the fact that this woman Jasmeet wished to go to England, we are less aware of how the character is whereas the character build-up in Namaste London was far more elaborate and connecting.  

It was almost as if the entire plot was known beforehand and there was lesser element of surprise for those who have already watched the trailer would know it all.

ACTING: While I otherwise truly eulogise the two actors playing the protagonists, Arjun and Parineeti aren’t as enchanting and do not leave you in awe of them as far as the acting is concerned. With greater expectations, you’ll be disappointed in moments to see slight overacting at some instances while lesser and typical expressions at other times that makes the acting no different from the other films of theirs.

MUSIC: Badshah has always gotten my foot tapping with the beats of his music and Proper Patola still gets me to turn the volume up every time I listen to its beats. Bhare Bazaar Mein, the second song of his, in the movie is another one of his get-up-and-dance sorts!

FINAL VERDICT: The movie as an entirety is little disappointing for those who have watched Namaste London would expect the director to go one notch higher, but Namaste England deserves not more than 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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