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Neerja 2016

Release Date: 19-02-2016
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Neerja 2016



Deepali Chugh

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Did anyone at the age of 23 years ever give it a fleeting thought of dying at this young frivolous age or for that matter, have a gunpoint at your temple and all you’ll see is the heat and black dark hollow of death awaiting you? Well, while Neerja Bhanot had her life at stake, more than she could think about herself, what she could never let off her soul was to save every soul in the hijacked plane.
Neerja is a movie in the memory of Neerja Bhanot, the head purser in the PAN-AM 73 flight while it was flown and had a layover at Karachi, just when the unfortunate event occurred. While at this frivolous age, responsibility comes rarely, Neerja’s heroic activity had everyone in awe of her with hands on their head and respect in their heart to salute her for she sacrificed her life for the 360 lives she saved.

As far as the movie is to be talked about, I would, indubitably, eulogise it for not only the flawless performances by every actor and creative, but the director Ram Madhavani and the screenplay writer who could format and put it forth with such finesce in a way it would have been otherwise difficult to portray. The movie is on-point, without beating about the bush, not the frivolous unimportant sequences and throughout with the experience during the hijack. It shows a few moment of the family during dawn when she gets ready at home, before boarding the plane in order to keep the emotions of the family intact to the plot. It switches between the scenes from her home and the planning of the hijackers. The film catches the attention of the audience throughout with every other scene as it approached and never did the plot take a dip at any point in the movie. The audience will not be able to resist, but sit at the edge of their seats as the tension builds along and all they are left is hope for Neerja to not die, despite they know the reality.

 The short, yet utterly important scenes of her reminiscence of the family and vice versa succeeds in getting the tears rolling for a major chunk of the audience for it is difficult to perceive and assimilate the extent of tragedy that had befallen eveyr passenger and the crew of the plane.
The acting, ranging from the protagonist played by Sonam Kapoor (Neerja) and the group of antagonists to the junior artists, it became rather unfounding to falsify their efforts or search for a flaw for every actor did a splendid job.
 The song ‘Jeete Hain Chal’ is nothing less than an anthem with an undescribable feeling arising once you have the song played. The album has been emotionally heart rending and soul stirring. The connectivity of the film with the audience is built throughout and for the impassioned, dramatic and poignant the movie is, one thing can be assured to one and all, everyone would have their heart weep in sorrow for the young vivacious and full of zest that the lady was, she only left everyone with respect in their hearts as her valour, strength and gallant was unmatched.



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