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Let us all, before going any further, unabashedly and unembarrassed speak out loud this word which has been a harbinger of stigmatisation on women’s inevitable condition, 

Let’s say it together,





From passing sanitary pads under the table to yet, wrapping it in black polythenes so as to keep it out of sight from the people around, menstruation, a 5 day monthly cycle of women has time and again undergone rounds of belittlement and shame when women are sought to sleep outside their homes in those days, when we aren’t allowed to visit temples and people who’ve never suffered this condition decide and put forth the parameters of what a woman can or cannot do during that time.


The fact that periods is looked down upon in our country and people have made a business out of sanitary pads, having women bereft of shear sanitation in the condition, resorting to unhygienic unsanitised dirty cloth to cover themselves is the entire premise of the film.


A considerate husband (Akshay Kumar), whose love for his wife and obsession over her heath causes him to take that every possible step in the direction to get his wife an affordable pad so that during her periods, she is menstrually protected. Little did he know that this noble caring deed of his would rather be the very reason of the break in their marriage, when every woman of their town would dissuade the work of his and get him thrown out of the village. 


Instead of repentance, Laxmi (Akshay)  took this in the positive stride and made a machine for sanitary napkins, that not only got him President’s award and Padmashri but also a global recognition as a result of which he was welcomed with warmth and love in the very village he was initially chucked out of. 


This movie will not only have you shed tears, but witness a roller coaster ride of emotions from moments when you’ll be blissful with the love of Laxmi and Gayatri (Radhika Apte) to sorrow when you’ll have Laxmi struggling through his journey of shame and then conquering your hearts with the stature he is put when his efforts are recognised with as huge as UN inviting him.


Before watching the film, I was of the opinion that Akshay Kumar has been stereotyping with the social issues brought time and again in his films as premises. But watching this, I wouldn’t want to keep myself from saying that this has been one of his best decisions so far. 


This is not only a film that’s worth watching, but worth propagating further. It’s the need of the hour that we get this message out loud to every woman out there, to use pads and care for not only your own health but also your family and the offspring to come.


And it is the need of the hour for us to eulogise and appreciate every ounce of effort that Arunachalam Muruganantham (the original Padman) has done, without forgetting the extra mile this movie has taken to film it in a way I cannot fathom could have been better! 


This doesn’t deserve anything less than 4 stars. 



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