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Poster Boys (2017)

Release Date: 08-09-2017
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Poster Boys (2017)


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Well, before I go about getting into the technical details, analyzing the aesthetics and the other factors that make a movie let me tell you beforehand, I didn’t have sky high expectations from this film. Well, leave alone sky high, I didn’t quite have any expectations from Poster Boys. But this has proven me wrong at every other scene when you would have been seeing me giggling at other dialogue.

Comedy with a cause comes rare! There are slapstick comedies and then there are those when you feel you probably should have left your brain at home, but this one was comedy that at the end of the day was raising the topic of vasectomy.

Directed by Shreyas Talpade, it begins with the three characters Choudhary Ji, Master Ji and Arjun, who quite strangely suffer bashing from the public, from their loved ones, without understanding the literal cause behind it unless they see themselves on the poster by the government that was intended to spread vasectomy and the fact that they had gone under the operation while in reality, they hadn’t.

While everyone bashes and boos about this, they struggle to get their names and faces off the poster and a written apology for all the disgrace they had gone through. There were people who questioned their masculinity and those, who talked about how unmanly they were to do that. While it seems all serious, comedy was extracted out of each and every dialogue of theirs and honestly, the giggling was more constant than sporadic.

Choudhary played by Sunny Deol is a male head who is revered by the people, who had to get his sister married, but with the news of his vasectomy spreading, his sister’s marriage was cancelled. Master Ji played by Bobby Deol is a hilarious character, a teacher, who has this forgetful mind, speaks in authentic Hindi and is time and again beaten up by his wife for he underwent the knife while his wife wished to have a boy child.

Then comes Arjun, who wished to marry the love of his life, but suffered rejection for a fact that he was being defamed by people because of this operation.
They were the victims of the fault of the government officials, who were shear escapists, trying to shed this off from their shoulders.
The movie is a full on entertainer, will get you laughing through and through and not for once will you feel the story slacking or you slouching with boredom or any disappointment.

The first time director Shreyas Talpade has managed to surprise me with this one for I wasn’t aware of this talent of his and this movie comes as a feather in his cap. The scenes are well shot, properly organized and edited and superbly projected for I didn’t quite see a loophole in any.
It is an underdog film, which can instantly lighten up your mood and leave you thinking about vasectomy for it is a valid step towards population control.

I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.


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