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A connection, a bond...often felt, yet seldomly explored. The movie Raabta essentially lays its plot and premise on the same while revolving around the basic theme of an infinite connection or bond shared by two individuals, the scintillating chemistry that is intended to create a stir amongst the audience and charm them.

The Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanon and Jim Sarbh starrer Raabta is a movie about the raabta felt by Saira (Kriti) and Shiv (Sushant), which is never felt before, never experienced with anyone else, causing them to beat all the odds of anyone separating them. It’s a reincarnation narration of the three lead actors, as king and queen in one birth while as normal individuals of the current generation in the other.

Sushant Singh Rajput is shown as Shiv, a banker, one in the past numerous decades of his family history who went abroad to work while Saira is this independent entrepreneur, a chocolate maker who runs her own shop. But amidst all this, Saira is haunted by her dreams, barely getting a peaceful sleep all along, with acute hydrophobia and a few glimpses in her dreams which scare her to the core. History repeats itself, fate follows the same course and the three come together yet again to change the destiny, to mould their lives and give a final conclusion to the age old story of births and rebirths.

Jim Sarbh, playing the character of Zakir Merchant is an affluent millionaire or probably a billionaire, who pounces into the way of the two lovers Shiv and Saira. He is the mysterious kinds, enigmatic and rather puzzling, who later in the story turns out to be the psychotic antagonist.

Choosing between the charmer and the enigmatic, the sorted and the psychotic, Saira is the ultimate fantasy of the two, the love of their lives for whom, they are ready to put each other to death. The concept of the story is rather interesting and engaging. It catches the attention of the audience time and again and doesn’t really let the audience slouch. The first half of the movie is all in high spirits with the bubbly romance, while the second half experiences the sudden twist.

The effects in the movie, from the ones with the army emerging out of the waterfall to the scenes in the jungle, all are exceptionally dramatized. However, there are moments in the previous birth when you fail to follow what is happening in the story, when it’s not explicitly clear about the reason for the chasing sequences in the first birth.
Also, the story is a little unrealistic and unpragmatic. In the first half, when Shiv experiences the sudden inclination towards Saira, he begins to follow her while Saira allows a complete stranger to enter her home, na√Įve enough to have this close proximity within a span of barely two days. Despite the fact that Saira‚Äôs first instinct about Zak is the fact that he is damn weird, she still goes out with him for dinners.

It is a little strange at some moments, yet it still is a one-time watch. The crew behind the movie, from the stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania to the music directors, everyone has done a tremendous job at it. The album consists of such foot tapping numbers, super melodies and chartbuster songs such as the title track Raabta, Saada move, Ikk vaari, Mein tera boyfriend and many more.

The actors have done a really good work, special mention to Sushant Singh Rajput. With his chiseled body and oozing charm, his acting also managed to swipe us off our feet. From Kai Po Che to Raabta, he has certainly come a long way.

The movie is a nice entertainer, weird at moments, yet worth watching once. I would give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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