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Enthralling, Intriguing and gripping, three words that can entirely epitomise what one emotionally undergoes while watching Raazi. I hadn't read the book of which it hails from. Neither was I aware of Sehmat, yet the way Meghna Gulzar (Director) has been able to get hold of the story and the screenplay, after Talvar, Raazi has made her cast a solid step with this one.

This is the story of the unaware, the anonymous, the unknown, the spies who sacrifice their lives for their country, whose names remain unknown to all, yet their contribution at the cost of their lives, saves us all from the raging war. The information they provide helps our country back the wall against our enemies who otherwise intend to pull us down, yet after whatever they do for us, their names and faces remain untold and unmentioned in the golden words of our history.

One such spy was Sehmat, who at an early age of 20 stood tall and strong to spy at the Pakistani Army while giving her unparalleled support and information to the Indian army and stopping the war that Pakistan pursued to attack India with.

Come what may, Sehmat had the courage and vigour whilst emoting her innocent emotional self. There are layers to this character. Beginning from the young college student to the wife of an army man whose family she is spying upon, Alia Bhatt has yet again managed another golden feather on her hat with this piece of marvellous work. She has truly portrayed what every other actor speaks about ‘enacting different characters in every other film’. From Student of the year to Udta Punjab, from Badrinath Ki Dulhania to now Raazi, Alia Bhatt has time and again proved her mettle and nevertheless, will surely reach the pinnacle of success for her evident graph is soaring beyond the sky.

The film has probably encompassed every aspect of the story, with scenes that are absolutely precise and not overtly exaggerated. One gives into the film from the beginning to the end, absorbing into every scene as it leaves you intrigued for what’s to come.

I wouldn’t want to disclose much of the story or how it unravels, but if I were to describe it in a few words, it was nothing short of an enlightening experience, effusive yet sympathetic to every spy who gives up his or her life for the country.

With great regards, respect and honour to such selfless souls of our country, I give Raazi 4 out of 5 starts!


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