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Release Date: 25-01-2017
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Deepali Chugh

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After the much mushy stereotypical love hero charming the fantasies of the audience with his hands wide open wooing the ladies, Shahrukh Khan enters in and as Raees, the cool rugged messiah of the poor, the Robin-hood of the needy, who does the wrong professionally, yet is so pure and honest at heart that he is willing to go the extra mile for his people. His honest belief lies in what his mother had once told him, “Koi dhanda chhota nahi hota aur dhande se bada koi dharm nhi hota…”

The principles instilled and inculcated in him since childhood is what is followed through and through and is above everything else in his world. Other than the fact that he does illegal work and challenges the others in the field he had adopted as his means to earn bread and butter, he breathes to help his people.

While the good that he does could not cover his wrongdoings, he is time and again followed by an honest IPS officer Majmudar who is determined to imprison him once he has the evidence and solid proof of his wrongdoings.

It is an engrossing, edge of your seat plot wherein you know he’s the wrongdoer, yet you empathize with him, wishing for him to be absolved once and for all. Raees wishes to run a parallel world of his own, where there exists a school for the illiterate, a place for the hunger stricken to satiate themselves with.

Shahrukh Khan, unlike his usual persona, has tried his hand at a different genre and yet again, has proved meritorious with an outstanding performance. The raw look of a bootlegger running an entire chain of illegal liquor in a dry state of Gujarat, he has managed to prove himself with every twitch of his eye, every expression of his that spoke volumes about his versatility. A blend of a man with oozing innocence and honesty of a genuine human being, while simultaneously carrying the aura of a gangster, Raees was a character that couldn’t go unwelcomed, unnoticed or ignored once in the eye of anyone while would yet have everyone feel compassionate for the person he was.

While I talk about acting, the drama school within himself, a master in his field for whom everyone would unequivocally vouch, Nawazuddin Siddique has a strong presence on screen. It isn’t news to us about the fact that this might just be another plausible performance of his as the Police officer who follows Raees through and through to get the state on track.

The director has managed to envelop almost every detail possible about the man himself and extract out the best from the actors. As far as his domain is concerned, it would be just as difficult to fish out a pothole in this movie which has taken double the time it was initially scheduled to release. Yet I would say, it was worth the watch.  

Rahul Dholakia has tried to incorporate the era of the 80’s, the scenario of the yesteryear with nuances, exclusivity and nostalgia which was once the forte of the Shahenshah of Bollywood now enacted by the Badshah himself.