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As the title unequivocally suggests that the story revolves around a Raid, it primarily encompasses the true story of an income tax officer who challenges the odds and carries about one of the most high profile raids there was, so much so that you literally have a movie based on this today, the raid amounting to an estimate of 420 crores.

It is based on a brutally honest bona fide Income tax officer Amay Patnaik whose courage and will to get the system on track with citizens having their money in the right hands, gets him to raid the messiah of the people who was popularly and affectionately called ‘Tauji’. With infiltrators in his house, informants get Amay Patnaik to get to the core and drag every penny there existed while spending the longest raid possible to get the harbinger of corruption Tauji, bear the brunt of saving his income taxes and leading our country’s corruption to a next level.
This is a real life story which sets at a slow pace, but gathers interest after a certain point in the film when you would rather be intrigued to watch whether or not the raid has had a successful end to it or not, wonder whether or not an entity at such a high post is able to get the officer to save him from the raid or if the officer has to suffer for taking the risk of his life while serving his people and doing his duty.
Three Reasons to watch the film would be:

1. The acting of the protagonist and the antagonist.
The stalwarts of their fields, Ajay Devgn and Saurabh Shukla have come forward with a flick that has raised the bar high as far as acting and performance is to be talked about. Be it comedy in Jolly LLB 2 or a villain in Raid, Saurabh Shukla has never failed to persuade its audience enough that there can never exist a replacement to him, that not only has his metal been proven time and again, his talent has had no holds barred.

2. The revelation and putting forth how the system has been hiding our money all along.
You can talk about the corruption and politics all along, but when you are to present a literal story on this, you should definitely have your facts right. The movie has managed to gather details from all around with probably the minutest fact and it doesn’t go awry.

3. The emotional angle that Amay Patnaik presents to its audience at a personal and Professional level.
The movie showcases the relationship of Amay (Devgn) with his wife who is a housewife and their affection for each other but apprehensions for the case that he has decided to handle which might just turn their lives turtle!
When incidents are to be cited, especially the one which occurred decades ago, the director not only has to present the story in the correct scenario, he also has to present the era. The director Raj Kumar Gupta has been more than just successful as far as the screenplay is concerned. But if I am to talk about the fact that a story of 1980s should have surroundings, attires, sets and the basic representation of those moments, there most certainly was a dearth of it. It often occurred to me how the movie might have looked a tad bit authentic had the atmosphere and the look of it all suggested the same.
The movie has been quite a watch and I wouldn’t keep away from giving it 3.5 out of 5 stars!


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