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WARNING! For those who wish to watch a movie that lacks the story, the direction, the screenplay or well, the entire premise and you, at the end of it, would be compelled to think why on earth was this movie shot at all, Ribbon is for you!

Let me have the privilege of enlightening you what the entire movie basically is. It begins with the birth of the child into a family of professionals, two working parents who have to be out on the field working to earn bread and butter and in the midst of it all, the child becomes a second fiddle for she is left in the hands of a nanny and then a crèche. While their working schedules do not let them give a whole hearted devotion in the upbringing of the child, they on the other hand struggle in their offices respectively.

Well, what if I’m to tell you all that this comprises of more than half of the film? What if I’m to tell that until at least the intermission, all you would be watching is a daily soap episode of an hour while there is literally no content in the film?  
And only when I believe there is barely any part of the movie left is when we are introduced to locus of the film - CHILD MOLESTATION. Indubitably, this is a grave issue to talk about, a topic which needs much attention and vigilation, not only by the parents but also by the school or institutions a child goes to and that exactly what the director intended to show.

But wait, what on earth was he waiting for, for more the half of the film? What caused him to beat around the bush for the major chunk of the movie and leave the audience slacking and slouching in the seats in shear ennui?

Ribbon raises an issue, but without any message given. Once the movie is about to end, one is to realize that there was literally no action taken against the child molestation. I mean, what was the director trying to pass on the message? Was it that in a country like India, all you have got to do is sleep on it and not penalize the accused or was it that the social pressures and the stigmatization of the child leaves the parents with no option but to stay mum and tight-lipped?

After the film, I literally had a gazillion questions in my head to ask the director. And the surprise is yet to come. The funniest and the most hilarious part of the film is the ending, What a climax! Hats off!

Another thing that is just inevitable is the direction of the scenes. The scenes, just for the sake of elongating it for no reason were uncut and redundantly long. While you would see no reason for the camera to continue shooting a still frame with no movement for a span of unrequired 5 seconds, you would be forced to wonder that just for the sake of continuing the movie for 1 hour 45 minutes, the direction of the scene was so poor or else the movie wouldn’t even have been this long.

After Jia aur Jia and now Ribbon, I fail to understand what Kalki Koechlin is doing to her acting career. With such choices of the films, the day is not far when you would barely see a person in the audience in her movie for these movies did not only lack the content, but didn’t have a premise at all.    

My sincere apologies to Kalki Koechlin for giving such reviews as I am a great fan of her acting but why on earth is she doing such films which have no message or entertainment quotient.This leaves me with no option but to give it 1.5 out of 5 stars.


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Abhinav Thakur - on 'Sunday 05th of November 2017 04:50:10 PM

Wow, good thing I waited for your review. I was expecting a lot from Vyas, what a pity.


Rhea - on 'Sunday 05th of November 2017 03:34:53 PM

It is complete wastage of time and money.


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