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Rock On 2

Release Date: 11-11-2016
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Rock On 2


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From Socha Hai to Tum ho toh, from Sinbad the sailor to the title track Rock On, the album had mesmerized and enchanted every soul with its songs and lyrically soothing music. Had the original Rock On not been as splendid and spectacular as it was, its sequel wouldn't have managed to gather greater expectations. Falling hard and crushing the confidence the audience had in it, the sequel has been nothing less than an utter disappointment.
The story commences with showing the different lives of the members of the band Magik. While Magik could no more function as a band as a result of a miserable unfortunate incident, the friendship and the camaraderie within the group remained as it had been.
Everyone had been busy in their lives, yet that desire to reunite had yet been burning within. Joe (Arjun Rampal) had risen above at a status far above he had been living so far, as the owner of a successful club and the judge of a reality tv show. Adi (Farhan Akhtar), adversely affected by the guilt of the suicide of a young lad for which he considered himself accountable and responsible, under the emotion of culpability, had retired to a nearly ascetic life in a village in Meghalaya wherein he helped run an open school and a farmers’ cooperative while the third member, KD had been composing jingles. In toto, theirs was a life none of them even closely desired to lead.While they once plan to sing at Joe’s club, they welcome new entrants into the band as Jiah (Shraddha Kapoor), a beautiful young singer.

The sequel, Rock On 2, was not merely deprived of the charm, but also the basic plot of the film. The basic theme of the film, as popularly conjectured to be music, had not a single song that could blow away the audience, either from its melody or the lyrics. Why we say so is for a fact that Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have been extremely instrumental in our music industry, giving such phenomenally sensational music, that songs as incorporated in this movie have been more than just dismayingly substandard.

The only time you could manage to rejoice or curl up a smile on your face is when you hear the previous track Rock On at barely one point throughout the film. The first part to this sequel, with its chartbuster songs, melodious music and scintillating vibe, had managed to create quite a stir amongst the audience and had furled its flag successfully. Expecting equivalent, if not more from its sequel, the audience had anticipated a good watch with an obvious striking good mix of songs, which could rather level up the previous album. The story not only dashed the hopes in terms of supposed decent music or direction, it had a major dearth of a substantial plot or a path breaking storyline. The movie seemed nothing less than a 3 hour watch of an episode of a daily soap, that could manage to gather the least amount of attention and curiosity from the audience.

The only stratum of the movie I could vouch for was the acting of the star cast, who could manage to keep the movie afloat. I appreciate the efforts of those behind the movie, yet would be helpless enough to not give stars more than 2 out of 5.  


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