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3 SHOTS THAT SHOOK THE NATION... What an inexplicable case! Intriguing to the core and massively sensational at its scale. Well, when the nation suspired anxiety and its roar reached the ears and stir in the minds of every citizen of the nation, who else but public could’ve been the processor in the ultimate verdict?

Drawing majority of its plot from the real life story of KM Nanavati, well, not completely adhering to quite a few details of the actual case, Rustom is shown as the story of a morally upright decorated naval officer who lived with his wife with an approaching turmoil, unfelt until Rustom Pavri was assigned a 6 months posting at London, UK. While his wife Cynthia was distressed and hurt about the posting of his husband, the hollowness of the absence of Rustom was tactfully and befittingly filled in by a Casanova Vikram Makhija charming the minds off of the long list of ladies he had slept with. A businessman as he was, his proximity with Cynthia was with a rather ulterior motive and for that matter, when Rustom proposed Vikram to marry his wife, he blatantly refused with a comment that raged the wits out of Rustom and in the heat of the argument, was shot by the naval officer in cold blood.

The proceedings following the case at the lower court was primarily focused and concentrated in the subsequent part of the movie, with a below average uncanny and a penny plain climax that rather filled the minds with dubiety, in place of stupefaction and incredible disbelief. With the enigma that had surrounded this bewitching confounding case before its release and its soaring hype, the movie couldn’t manage to ignite the thrills out of its audience. The turn of events, from the day it all came unraveling about the extra marital affair to the day of the final verdict, the portrayal and screenplay of the movie was downrightly straightforward and plain with not a decimal of intrigue and the least thought-provoking while colluding and conniving the scheming machination.

This 2 hour 30 minute long movie seems perplexing with lacunae and unanswered queries at the end of it with no projection of complication and contortions the real KM Nanavati case had. The audience experiences an emotion of displeasure as the director Neeraj Pandey, with his movies as terrific as Special 26 and A Wednesday, had always had the audience roll over the plot, but to everyones dismay, the movie had a dearth of a rock solid plot. The movie hasn’t completed adhered or remained intact to the actual details of the real case and has exploited and twisted a few events that barely occurred. There were moments when the audience sympathizes with the cuckold, but then it is instantly dusted with the lack of intricacies in the film. It feels outrightly insipid and emphatically uninteresting. The pursuit of creating a drama backfires, well, quite hard, and lacks the excitement and curiosity. LOVE, BETRAYAL, MURDER three pillars to a perfect movie has been least exploited and not-so-engrossingly ended at a dull note.

The Khichdi famous actor Anang Desai comes as a relief with an impeccable comic timing, thereby managing to get a few giggles. It has been a disappointing watch with its Bollywood twist, not piling up on the actual course of events and the literal story, backing up on a lot of the KM Nanavati’s infamous case, but missing out every ounce of the thrills that had managed to stir the entire nation. The movie baffled me the most as facts were incorrect or were more imaginative and fictional rather than depicting the true course of events for which this movie was being hyped. Though the movie was based on a true event and case having all the ingredients like love, valour, infidelity, murder, honour but rather than seeing the mystical element in the ploy what I saw was a blooper of our Indian Judiciary, how our judiciary got swayed by the general mood of sympathy and how lack of forensic science would let criminals get scot free. The movie thoroughly lacked the core characteristic of a captivating murder mystery. On one hand our protagonist is shown as a patriot but on the other hands, the turn of events show that he is a schemer who can afford to sacrifice his queen to make huge gains in life.

To my understanding the screenplay was sluggish initially. Later the drama got intensified but it was thoroughly deficient of all the lacklustre of a court room drama as neither was there a high pitched argument, nor any discovery of last minute circumstantial evidences which would make the movie more captivating. Infact the place of murder was never shown to be inspected in details and the disclosure of facts by Rustom were conflicting as to what he told the court and what he confessed to the inspector. Esha Gupta tried to fit well into the clique of Indian à la mode women of 1950’s. Ileana D’Cruz was scintillating for her freshness and authentic looks of a yesteryear’s Indian woman. Usha Nadkarni, playing Rustom’s maid, gets a standout ovation. If you ask me, the character of Rustom never fully comes to life because it lacked the true intrepidness of an army man and heroism of a protagonist who is befitted against the law to secure freedom for himself.

On the other hand, Akshay Kumar as a hero looks dashing in naval uniform. His mannerism is shown to be that of a man of duty having strong moral fibre. Though labelled as a patriot he is also shown vulnerable and venal.

The film gives a message to pardon your loved ones for their misadventures and be forgetful and forgivable. Somewhere in the movie I was lost to understand the genre of the movie as it was surely not a mystery but a drama full of heroism, corrupt people and courtroom theatrics. It was a half-baked story having unbelievable screenplay and unenticing plot.

In all I would not give more than 2.5 stars to this movie as it lacked the true portrayal of a mesmerizing and a spellbinding murder mystery.


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