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Satyamev Jayate

Release Date: 15-08-2018
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Satyamev Jayate


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INSIGHT: SATYAMEV JAYATE..14 letters that have been imprinted on almost every coin in this country, a coin which is tossed time and again and as it is flipped, these 14 letters are tossed with it.

Honesty in our country is tossed for corruption, humanity is tossed for money and for all those years when we thought our country was bogged down by the British, today is no different for our country is yet again submerged under the pool of corrupt officers.

STORY: Satyamev Jayate is the story of a commoner whose history gets himself to burn down every police officer that squeezes out every drop of blood and money who falls prey to corruption. It is the story of Veer (John Abraham), who fills out every letter of the acronym Satyamev Jayate to get back the country what it initially stood for, for honesty, for a corruption-free country.
What the story rolls out to be is for you to watch for I would prefer not to disclose any more of the plot!

REVIEW: While the movie stands for a significant and an extremely potent issue, the story around which it is enrolled is pretty cliched. You would know what the scene would roll out be. You might be thinking it in your head and while you’re thinking, you would have it projected. So, it is highly predictable for a fact that this storyline has been shown in Hindi cinema time and again.

There are little nuances and considering this, there exists no freshness in the story. Yet with the adrenaline rush every time you watch the twists and turns and climax (which again, is extremely predictable) would have you hooked onto it.

This flick has a lot of drama with more of it filled with violence. There’s less intrigue and more of you following the plot whilst the protagonists are seen without any planning or plotting in considering their next move.

It seems quite illogical at times in the sequences where the major scenes seem less thought of.

ACTING: Well, when acting is to be talked about, this flick has a great cast! While John Abraham and Manoj Bajpayee remain in their comfort zones of an action hero and a policeman respectively, the two aren’t seen projecting a character you haven’t seen them before in, as a result of which it makes it more typical and less experimenting.

MUSIC: The music is already listed on the chart buster songs which shouldn’t require me to say more as it speaks for itself. The recreation of Dilbar has been surprisingly pleasant and a tap worthy song, which evidently, is already playing on a lot of playlists.

DIRECTION: As far as the direction is talked about, barring the fact that the director Milap Zaveri could extract out little from the terrific actors he had casted, the rest remains plausible. The scenes are well shot, well directed and well projected.

As an entirety, this movie deserves 2.5 out of 5 stars.  


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