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Secret Superstar

Release Date: 20-10-2017
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Secret Superstar






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A story of determination and wit, of hard work, dedication and a free spiritedness, Secret Superstar encompasses the dreams of every being who is crushed upon and yearns to uplift to the surface, to rise beyond the boundaries and make space for themselves above the world while they see themselves shining beyond the skies.

It is the story of every woman who has struggled through the hardships at home where men are considered the supreme, the head and the ultimate and the remaining females as burdens to be cleansed off.

Secret Superstar is the story of determination and wit, of the emerging young singer, who from the moment she opened her eyes to the times she had her eyes shut in sleep, all she could think about was singing. And pursuing the same within the restricted walls of her home, she became a YouTube singing sensation.

Her inspiring life story while struggling through the atrocities at home and yet living her dream, she was what I call the perfect fighter. She had the support of her suffering mother, who was tied in the old philosophies that were pretty orthodox, but still existed. This is a heart wrenching, empathizing yet inspiring story of the young woman who knew her dream, knew how to work upon it and nothing in the world could stop her. It is a motivation and an inspiration to every girl out there, to every woman and every being. It is a wake-up call for those who wish to fight the hindrances and let themselves free.

Talent as a dialogue in the movie says is like bubbles in a fizz. There is nothing that can stop talent from growing and nobody who can stop the talented from rising just as the bubbles rise to the surface.    
The director had managed to incorporate every element that could instill a feeling of motivation in oneself and there is nothing that could seize me from saying that it is a job well done.

When I come to the acting, eulogizing and highlighting how exceptional and magnificent the acting of Zaira Wasim has been would come inevitably. It may seem a cake walk, but the fact that she could act as mature as she did and with emotions and expressions as widely ranging and varying, it’s praiseworthy.

 When I say perfectionism, dictionary could have Aamir Khan as its synonym for the acting in an all new avatar had managed to amuse each and every member of the audience whom you could see giggling at every other dialogue of his.  

The movie may seem like a daily soap episode at times, but it didn’t bore me a bit. It has the songs, the direction, the acting and every stratus that makes it a definite watch!

I will give it a definite 3.5 out of 5 stars.


With the kind of inspiration it serves, Secret Superstar has emerged as the superstar of movies while affecting the audience so much so that you could see people cheering and empathizing with every circumstance and situation in the film. The great script that it shows has managed to attract more, if not less, considering the reactions of the audience. With the skillful direction, outstanding acting, the supremely talented crew and the support of none other than the superstar himself, Aamir Khan, this movie couldn’t have let us down and hails as a movie worth the watch!


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