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A Biopic of a fighter, with the ultimate sportsman spirit while resurrecting from a state where the ray of hope seems rather faint and faded is this movie Soorma about the popular Arjuna Award winning hockey ex-captain Sandeep Singh, who despite all odds emerged as an indispensable and an acclaimed Indian hockey player of the era.

While popularly christened as Flicker Singh for his record breaking drag flicks, this is the story that revolves around the rising of an epitome of talent, who innocently does tricks to fly away the birds from his farm in the manouvre of a drag flick and unknowingly becomes a pro at it. Emerging from a nobody to 'The Sandeep Singh' is a story worth reminiscing, cherishing and eulogising for the tremendous courage, unbroken determination and an exceptional dedication.

The man of honour, Sandeep Singh, amidst the peak of his sports career was mistakenly shot by a bullet, causing the paralysis of his entire lower half of the body. It was nothing short of a never-die attitude that gets him to revive in the way he did so much so that the match post recovery was the match that earned him the record of having the fastest drag flick.

The movie more or less entirely encompasses the journey of this Soorma who despite drastic ups and downs had India hold itself in pride and honour with laudable victories.

The movie tends to be a little slow at times when you'd feel that certain scenes were somewhat uncalled for and didn't make much difference to the plot as a result of which even 2 hours 11 minutes feel a tad bit longer.

Well, with all due respect, honour and appreciation, although I truly feel the story was absolutely worthy to make a biopic on, yet the portrayal of it didn't have you at the edge of your seats. It is upon the director to have a simple scene carve out in a way that gets the audience engrossed, engaged and deeply hooked onto a single match, especially in movies that involve sports. We have had movies (reference to Chak de India, or even Mary Kom which was a biopic) before, yet this lagged the element of intrigue or a complete immersion into the script. It wasn't the story, but the projection which, according to me, had to be paid heed to.

It is an interesting watch, that'll inspire and motivate you in ways. A cast as skilful and talented as this, it was almost a pleasure watching them, with a special mention to Diljit Dosanjh whose brilliance might sway you with the heart felt acting that he does. It is almost like you feel for the character that he portrays, which let me tell you, only an actor with as great an expertise as his can pull off.

You will have moments when you'll find yourself giggling with witty dialogues thrown at you time and again. While the flick is heavily emotional and loaded with moments of despair and distress in the sequences of tragedy, the director and script writer has most certainly attempted to and never compromised on making it as light hearted as possible. So kudos to that!

Overall, it is a film that I account for a one time watch and would have me recommend it to my readers.
So, I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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