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Sui Dhaaga-Made In India

Release Date: 28-09-2018
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Sui Dhaaga-Made In India






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Well, what the trailer served its audience, the movie is no different while you might have deciphered most of the flick within the trailer itself.

Sui Dhaaga is the company that Mauji and his wife Mamta begin to fulfil their dreams, to surpass those struggles their family had been through and have a life they have dreamt of, rather than a meagre survival.

The movie caters to different layers wherein it depicts the growing affinity of a husband-wife, the incessant support a wife gives to his husband while he reciprocates with all the love and respect, the honest hard work while toiling sweat and blood and ultimately unfurling the flag of victory under the label ‘Made in India’.  

There is a certain truth to the film, an element of honesty with which this film is made and the innocence of the characters that is so endearing. The story isn’t engrossing or captivating, yet it is the least boring as much as you might have expected it to be. It shows those families who migrate from rural areas to urban cities, the transition which costs two square meals a day and now that Mamta and Mauji had the vigour and zest, they reach where they dreamt of.

While there are little moments of laughter and giggles, Sui Dhaaga charms the audience with its nuances. Not only is screenplay seemingly real and credible, the direction cinematography is done par excellence.

Little did I expect Anushka Sharma to raise the bar so high, with every twitch of the eye, manoeuvre and hand gesture of hers, the performance commands eulogy. While Varun Dhawan played no less, his acting, seldom seems repetitive. Anushka Sharma has come full circle with a massive leap in her skills and with this, she will be marked more than a shear glam girl.

With the topography and scenes at difficult locations, the photography of the flick is reassuring and laudable.   


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